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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review of The Year, 2011

 Wow!!  What a busy year I've had!!!  It started off in January with some Long Walks Along The Seafront, one of which we had a play on Brighton Pier, and won some toys in the arcade games!!!

Then in February, I had a really exciting trip to Amsterdam by Air o'plane!!!  I met Hammie and Sullivan on that trip!!!!  It was so much fun!!!
 In March, we had a surprise visit with Andrea's friend Mim from America!!!  They've been mail-arting together for we think about a dozen years, and this was the first time they met!!!
That story is here

 Also in March, we had a day out to Winchester!!!  We went to see King Arthur's Round Table and took pictures specially for Hammie!!

 In April we had another day out.... this time to Spitalfields Market in London!!  We'd never been there before.

 Then at the beginning of May, we went to see our friends Lynne and Chazzy Doggie on the Isle of Wight!  That was the same time as Will and Kate got married - that was on the telly!!!

 At the end of May, we had a long trip to London, and I met a Real Steampunk Captain!!!!!!! That was SOOO exciting!!!!

 In July, we went to London again to use out National Art Pass Card to get into a watercolour expedition for half price!!  That was fun!
 In August, we decided to take a proper look at Portsmouth Historic Docks..... we'd been past them on the way to the Isle of Wight but had never been in to see the boats.  We found Pirates too!!
We also found some bread mix in one of the shops, and learnt how to make bread this year!!!  I've never done that before!

 Also in August, we went to another art expedition at Somerset House!  We used our Art Pass card again and got in free!!!
In September I also sold a painting off my Etsy shop!!!!  That was SOOOO exciting!  We've sold two paintings and several sheets of hand printed wrapping paper too!!!!

October was my birthday!!!  I had a whole weekend in London and met my mates Bob T Bear and Dilly!!!  We had a big Feast in a Posh Restaurant and shouted at some protesters too!  That was heaps of fun!

And then just a few days ago, I had another day out in London!!!
And on top of all that travelling, we met loads of friends of ours. Andrea STILL has a job (which is quite amazing seeing how loads of other people are getting laid off at the moment) and we have a lovely little flat to live in, and yummy food to eat and Andrea can afford to take me on lovely trips to places.....
I'm such a lucky mouse, you know......


  1. Wow, what a busy year!!! I hope next year will be busy and HAPPY!!!
    Kisses from Spain :)

  2. And you write so well too - you are indeed a lucky mouse and we are lucky that you choose to share your escapades with us.

    Happy 2012 to you and yours Beanie!

  3. WOW wat a grayte revew! Wat a grayte idea to do a revew of the year!

    | New |

  4. Happy New Year Beanie! We hope 2012 will be even better! Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  5. Meeting with you and Sullivan and our owners was the best thing that happened to me last year! Happy New year Beanie and Andrea!!!!!

  6. Happy New Year!
    The meeting in Amsterdam and Groningen was lots of fun!

  7. Yeah, 2012 WAS loads of fun!! I like doing a Review Of The Year 'cos they do that on the telly too but that one sometimes gets depressing because of all the riots and disAHsters. My ones are happy!!! I like happy better!!