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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Another walk on the seafront!

 Last weekend, we had another walk along the seafront! We started outside here, which is called Metropole Hotel.

Oh! We can go down the ramp to Seafront!!

It's a glorious day today! And Look! There's the Pier!!

Let's go on!! I love going on Pier!

And we even had a go on Arcade Game!! The 2p shuffle board, I love this game!

I won two Prizes!!!! I got Tambourine and Football!!
I'm such a lucky Mouse!

On the way home, we saw Sewing Machine that goes Ping!
Urbandon wants one of those.....

When we got home, I got my Harmonica out and started a band with Pookums! We're a Jazzy Blues and Purples Band!!
What shall we call ourselves though...??
We had fun playing our music though!!!!


  1. We have a sewing machine like that at our attic. G. got it from her Mom, who had it from her Mom (G.'s grandmother). It still works but G. uses her new modern machine, the other one is collecting dust...
    I wish we would be so close to the see here, I love the see! Nice pictures Beanie!

  2. I would very much like to start a band! I bet I could learn to play on the drums!