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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Sun, sea and spiders......!!

Today, because the sun was out, we decided to go for a walk along the seafront - we haven't done that for centuries!!!

We found a maurauding dinosaur by the dinosaur crazy golf!!!  He's escaped!!

We left a CD on the railings.....

We walked past Marocco's ice cream shop (which had a queue about a mile long waiting for ice cream!)
We tied another CD to a post!

And then left another one here!!
It's good fun leaving these things for people to find!!

Here we go...... the seafront promenade!!

It's a very calm sea today..... and the tide's out.


We can just about see the Piers in Brighton down there.....

We left this CD on a Residents Only gate.  Hope Residents like it....!

That's the Hove Plinth.  Trafalgar Square has four of these and now we have one of our own.

Of course, I had to leave a CD on a beach hut door!

And we found a parked bike to leave this one on!

Not allowed to leave bikes here.  We didn't.  We left a CD.

And found another bike to leave this one on!
After that, we got a bus back home because we're really lazy.

When we got off the bus, we left this one on a blue railing!

And left this one here...!

Then we spotted a whopping great big enormous spider!!!


After that, we ran away screaming - but stopped to leave the last CD here!!
That was a fun walk though!!

Thursday, 9 September 2021

We got a parcel!!

We got a big box delivered yesterday!!!  Now that Kidney Beanie has his Official White Coat, he helped me open the box!!

There's lots of paper stuffing inside - we can make a junk journal book with all that!!

Oh!  And there's a tin of posh coffee for Andrea too!

Friday, 27 August 2021

Letters from afar - Bunol, Spain

We got a letter from Arntie Isabelle this week!!!!!

She's gone to Bunol in Spain!!  That's near the Mediterranean sea, that is.

They have a big festival there where they smoosh tomatoes over each other!!!  Like, everyone gets completely COVERED head to toe in smooshed tomatoes!!!!

There's the map - see how close it is to the sea?

And there's the field notes.  They have a castle there too!
Oh what fun!


Saturday, 21 August 2021

We got a parcel!!!!

We got a package today all the way from Budapest!!!  Wonder what's in it....?

OOoooo!  There's a card on top......

See?!  It's from our friend Amarillis!  We went to visit her a few years ago!

She wrote a note in coloured ink!  I like that colour!

Oh wow!!  Brown wrapping paper to make more books with!  Hurrah!

Oh wow!!!  Postcards of her paintings!!!

Think I like that one best...... it's got gold and silver leaf on it!

Blue tissue paper!!!  We can recycle that as well!  And more brown paper stuffing at the bottom of the package too!!  How nice of Amarillis to send us all this!

Oh wow!!!  We got one of her paintings as well!!
How fab is that!!!

We've put it here next to Tony Curtis' painting because he's a Hungarian as well. 
What a brilliant painting!!

Thursday, 19 August 2021

We found a new mouse!!!!!!!!!

We got a package today...... wonder what it is?  We're not expecting anything.....

OH!!!  OH WOW!!!

It's another Beanie that's found its way to our house!!!  And he brought choklit to nibble and a prezzie for Andrea!!!!!!!!

Everyone ran over to say hallo!!  We're not too sure who he is yet but we think it might be Kidney Beanie..... he got rather squished the the post and the inside of the packaging was damp so we think he peed himself on the way.  But that's OK, he's here now and we can go and eat the choklit be brought! That'll cheer him up!!!  (although we're a bit surprised he didn't eat it on the way....)