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Sunday, 19 June 2022

Expeditions and expeditions!!!

We got super early today...... which is strange for a Sunday!

We went up to a different bus stop too, because there weren't any number 6's running yet!

We left a CD hanging on the rail!!!

Ooo - we're here at the train station!  Brilliant!  Where are we going?

Our train was in and we got a window seat!  We love window seats!!

We love this bit!!!

Is that Battersea Power Station over there???

We're crossing the Thames river!!!  We're in London!!

We arrived at Victoria Station!!  We haven't been to this one forvever because they've been doing LOADS of track maintenance and repairs.

We used the facilities and left them a CD.  And then washed our paws for ages.

Right ho, where to now Jeeves?

We went to this bus stop ..... but Jeeves got confused about which bus to get!!!!  She got on the C1 by mistake!!!

And then when we got off, we had to rush onto the Underground and we came out here at Pimlico!!!

Aha!  Tate Britain - are we going that way then?  Cracking!!

Do we need this bus stop?  Nope - right bus wrong direction!!

So cross the road to this bus stop instead!!!

BUS BINGO ALERT!!!  We got the C10!!!

They got a floppy disc tied on the rail!!!

When we got off the bus, we tied this decorated vinyl records to the railing!

We're going to an expedition!!  At the Tate Britain!!!

It's a Walter Sickert expedition!!!

They're not open yet either so we'll be the first to go in, and we'll have the place to ourselves!!  Excellent!

We didn't have long to wait either!

This was the first room

Hang on - we recognise the location for this one....... it's just along the road from us!!!

Oh wow!!!  He worked at Brighton and Hove!!!

This was the second room.....

This was the inside of a theatre in Camden Town, London.... kinda like what Toulouse Lautrec did in Paris.

This was the next room.....

This one's in Brighton as well!!!

Then we had portraits....

And then we had Venice and Dieppe...

This one was our favourite!

This one's back in London!!

There was a nude painting room as well...... but we didn't take any pictures of those!!!

And then this was the last room...

This one is King Edward who buggered off and married Mrs Simpson instead of being king.

And that one is a picture of King Edwards Dad, King George...... but before Edward got to be king, of course.....!

After we'd had a good look round the expedition, we then went to the gift shop (we'll show you later) and then we used the facilities and left them a CD.  We all washed our paws for ages afterwards.

Then we were off out again!

We decided to leave a CD here....

And another CD here......

And then arrived at the bus stop!  Which one now, Jeeves?

BUS BINGO ALERT!!!  It's another C10 bus!!!

And we're off!!!

We left one of our Ukrainian CD's tied to the rail!

And then got off here - we're getting a different bus from here, now.

BUS BINGO ALERT!  It's the number 360!

We gave them a CD as well!

OH!!  Somebody's drawn a panda bear face on that box!!!!!

When we arrived at South Kensington, we got off the bus.  We're stopping here for lunch.

The restaurant wasn't open yet so we decorated some bikes while we were waiting!

And then found some funny stickers!

We decorated here too!

Then it was time to go eat!!!!! We're at Pierino's again!!!  HURRAH!

First we got a fizzy drink.

And then we got a Quattro Staggioni pizza.  That was nommy!

After we paid, we made use of the facilities and then washed our paws forever.

Then we went to a different bus stop to go on another big adventure!!!

BUS BINGO ALERT!!!  We got the number 14!!!

We put a floppy disc on this bus!

And we travelled an awful long way.....

We're going over the Thames!!!

We got off at the very last stop - and that's the next bus we need to get!!!!!

BUS BINGO ALERT!!!  It's the number 85!!!  Oh I wonder where we're going....?

We gave this bus another floppy disc!

Ooo that's pretty!

Oh!  Putney Vale Cemetery?  Didn't we try and come here before?!!

Oh wowzers!  How exciting!

Now then, we looked at our map and tried to figure out where to go to find the graves we're looking for.  First down to this church and then turn right....

That'll be down here.... four "blocks" down and take a left......

HERE!!!  This is where Howard Carter's buried - he found King Tutankhamun's tomb!
He's an archaeologyist!  We're going to do that too!

There's lots of used incense here and small Egyptian artefacts on the top of the headstone.....

We left a CD by the flowers.

Those red flowers just zip next to the blue glass gravel.....

Then we walked to the other side of the cemetery to where we came in..... we THINK this is the one we're looking for....

That one almost looks like a bench.  It's very old with lots of lichen on it....

And so's this one.  We can barely make out any words!

But we looked very carefully and squinted a lot and we could just make out the name "ISMAY".
He was the chap from the White Star Line from the Titanic.....

And this one at the end we could read properly.

Then we made our way back to the bus stop.

And left a CD on a tree!  It's very peaceful here with lots of people tending to graves too, cleaning down headstones and replacing flowers...

We found a pretty red poppy too!

We went back to the bus stop we arrived at - this is on a seriously busy four lane "almost a motorway/interstate" road with no traffic lights/pedestrian crossings so we figured we'd be best getting a bus into Kingston and then finding a safer crossing point to get a bus back towards Putney.

And then we found another 85 bus....!

Which we got off at here.....!

And Andrea spied another bus stop on the other side of the road just down there.

So we went over there to get another 85 going the other way!!!

And here it is!!!

We gave this one a CD!  However, when we got back to the cemetery, this bus made a stop at a big Asda supermarket on the Kingston end of the cemetery (the opposite end from where we arrived) and we had a sudden "OOHHHH!!" lightbulb moment.  Going into Kingston earlier, we stopped at Asda, but then coming back we also stopped here but at the end of a spiralling road that went to a lower level bus stop for the 85 bus going the other way to Putney!!!  We could've changed bus here!!!
We can remember that if we ever come here again though!

Anyway - we got off the bus here which is the end of the number 14 route.

Here's our stop.....

And here's our bus going back into the West End of London!!!

We gave the bus a floppy disc!!

You can just about make out a sundial on the side of that building!!

OOOoooo!!  We spotted this one on the way to the cemetery earlier on, but we get a better view now!

Isn't that fab?!?

It's the Putney Heath Exchange bus stop.......

And here we are coming back over the Thames!!

We saw lots of interesting buildings on the way back.... this one has port-hole windows!

That that's an interesting doorway.....

And rainbow flowers at a hospital entrance!!!

That murial is to do with a homeless charity.

Oh!!!  There's a Jubliee crown!!!  Do you see?!?!

On the corner of that building!!!

We're back at South Kensington now!  Do you see Ben's Cookie shop there?!?!!?

And Pierino where we had lunch is just down there!!!

There's an outdoor market thing down there today with lots of stalls and bunting!

And there's Horrids!!!

There's Constitution Hill!  Can you see?!

There it is!!!

There's a statue at the top of that building!!

We got off just before Piccadilly Circus and had a look in some shop windows.


Ah, now they have good chocolates in here so we spent a bit of cash first..... we'll show you later!

And then decided it was time to go home.  We're pooped!!

BUS BINGO ALERT!!!  It's the number 38!!

When we got off the bus, we had two more items to lose before we caught the train..... this one.... 

And this one!!!  And then something else caught our eyes!

First there was this hand statue!

And then THIS hand statue!!!

And then a bright pink Corgi with parrots on it!!!!!

This dog's called Heather - apparently there's a whole trail of them around London to do with the Queen's Jubilee!!!

Here's the rest of Heather.....

Then we headed back to the station to catch a train!

Here it is coming in!!

We walked up to the front of the train and got a window seat table all to ourselves!!

There's Battersea Power Station again!

What a fab day out!! this bit of the train ride.....

There's the South Downs in the distance!  We're nearly home!

And here we are!!!!!!!!  A tired mess of a heap but we're here!!

There was even a bus waiting for us too.  We got on it, but then he couldn't get the engine to start!!!

So we got this bus home instead!!!

These are some of the postcards we got at the Tate Britain!

We got cocoa covered truffles and chocolate covered chestnuts from the chocolate shop.

And Andrea got a bubble bar from Lush because she's weird.  She also got a sample pot of wasabi shampoo as well, for free!
What a day......!!