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Thursday, 2 February 2023

We got a package!!!

We got a package the other day, all the way from Latvia!!

Apparently it's for wild and free people!!
Well I guess that's us then.....!

OOOOooooo!!!  This looks interesting!!

OH!!!  There's some paint spot cards and a tin of something!!

On the bottom of the box, it said that!!!

Wow!!  Six sample spot cards of watercolour paint and six pans of watercolour paint in a pretty tin!!!
They're all handmade paint too, from DeepDeepLight, which is why you can't get them in high street shops!!

Of course, the first thing we did was try them out!!!  These are the sample spot card paints

Then we tried the pan colours - the five horizontal stripes plus the white vertical stripe (which is zinc white)

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Riding the number 38 bus

We had a day out today!!

And we had to get another train too!!

I know!!!  It's the third train since last Sunday!!!

Carolynn came with us today and she brought some Scooby Snax.  Chocolate ones.
We like Carolynn!! this bit....

We eventually tied a CD to the hand rail bit!

Ooo.... that's Millwall football stadium and you can just about see the Shard in the distance!

See?!  There it is on the right hand side!

Told ya!!

We got off here at St Pancras!!!

We used the facilities and washed our paws for ages afterwards.

And then we came out onto the Euston Road.

And we got the number 73 bus!!  BUS BINGO ALERT!!

And we're off!   Where are we going?

AHA!!  We got off here at Angel Station!!

Then we crossed the road over to this bus stop.....

BUS BINGO ALERT!!  We got the number 38!!

They got a CD....

And we're off.....

Ooo fancy arcade.... some of the shops look like they're closed down though.

Oh right..... Underground station.....

That's Trafalgar Square down there!!!

And we're going past Green Park now...

....just round the corner from Victoria Train Station....

Which is where we changed buses to go back the other way!!!

This bus got a CD!

Going back the other way, we passed a big Chinese Lion statue with a red scarf tied over its' eyes

And now we're on Piccadilly outside the Royal Academy!

And then went through Piccadilly Circus

...and up past Foyles book store.

And then we got off the bus here - but it's not the end of route....... AHA!!  It's lunchtime!!  So where are we going then?

Museum of Comedy?!  Never knew there was a Museum of Comedy!!

Then we went down here - this is Museum Street apparently....

And at the other end is the British Museum!!!

And next door is Tas!!  We've been here before - we love it here!!

We got loads of food - first there were olives plus flat bread and a dip which was nommy.  Then Carolynn got hoummous with more flat bread and we got red lentil soup!

We love the red lentil soup!!

After that, we got chicken shish with cousous and Carolynn got a lamb something with couscous (we were too busy eating to pay attention to her food....!)

After lunch we retraced our route back down Museum Street and did some window shopping

We spotted a hat shop - Andrea really fancied that yellow top hat!!!  Unfortunately for her (but maybe fortunately for her credit card!) the shop was closed so she couldn't go try it on.

Then we arrived at the bus stop.....

And got the next number 38 going to Clapton Pond!!!
Wonder if there really is a pond there though?  With ducks on it...

And we're off!!!  We went up past Angel Station, past Islington Green and Essex Road....

And it started getting slightly run down, with occasional Middle Eastern shops (although not as many as the East End)

And then we got turfed out at the very end of the line..... which is here!!

We crossed the road and doubled back a little bit, leaving a floppy disc tied to the railing here.




Here's the full view....

Then it was time to get the bus back to the station.....

So we went back to the bus stop.....

And got the next 38 bus heading towards Victoria!

We gave them a CD!

And off we go.  It's certainly a tad run down here, financially deprived.

Although they do have some fancy buildings round here!!

We saw some grafitti on the way back and just about managed to get a photo of it!!
It's a bear holding a balloon

We're on our way back to Islington and Angel Station....

.....not far to go now.....

And when we arrived at Angel Station, there was a 73 bus right in front of us so we made a mad dash to get on it!!!

And got seats too!!

And we're off again!!....

....almost there!...

And we got off here at Kings Cross Station!!!

And we just had to walk along to over there!!!

And it's time to go home!!!

We stopped in here first for a browse (we'll show you later)

And then we used the facilities and left them a CD - and then washed our paws forever....

And then we went down to the train station - and there was a train to Brighton waiting for us!!!  So we all dived on board and got seats!!!

Even WE got seats too!!!

We arrived at Blackfriars Station but we didn't get off here.

Then we went into London Bridge station where the train stopped and waited..... and waited..... and waited.
Then we got an announcement that a passenger on board had had a "medical episode" and they were waiting for medical staff to arrive.  So we waited...... and waited.... and waited.  Then we had another announcement saying that the next Brighton train was leaving from Platform 3 and we all had to get off..... so when we'd all piled over to the new train at platform 3, it ended up with 2 trains-worth of passengers, all nose to armpit FOR THE ENTIRE RIDE from London Bridge to Gatwick Airport!!  AND a screamingly loud SCREAMING baby that screamed FOR THE ENTIRE RIDE from London Bridge all the way to Brighton!!!  IT WAS HORRENDOUS!!!

But after Gatwick we were able to walk far enough down the train where we could sit and not hear the screaming baby, so the last bit was reasonably OK!!


And there was even a bus waiting for us!!

And we got off here and walked home!!!

And we had these for dinner.....!!!!