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Monday, 22 May 2023

Buses, bookcrossing and gravestones....

Today, me and Kidney Beanie were taken out for a trip!!

First stop the bus stop....

And second stop was the train station!!!

The train we were planning to get got cancelled but we didn't have to wait long for another train!  We got a window seat!!

And we gave them a floppy disc!!

Oh there's the Shard over there!!!


We're leaving Blackfriars Station here.....

But we got off here at St Pancras!!!

So.... where are we going now?

Oh, down here.....

And used the facilities.  We left a decoration on the coat hook and then washed our paws carefully.

Oh look there's Fortnums!!

OOooo fancy window decoration!!!  We popped in and spent some money (we'll show you later)

And then whizzed out onto the Euston Road.  Where next Jeeves?

Well we headed off down the road ..... that's a really snazzy building you know.

And came to Pizza Express because we're starving hungry and it's lunchtime!!

We got a fizzy drink.....

And a pizza!!

After lunch we went for a walk down Euston Road and found a weird sculpture.
It's odd.

We tied this onto the railing.

And then we arrived at Euston Station!  Are we getting another train?

No??  We're getting a bus??  Which one?

BUS BINGO ALERT!  It's the number 18!!!

We gave them a floppy disc....

Black sheep coffee?  They make coffee out of black sheep?  ERGH!!

Now THERE's a fancy lamp!

And a fancy lion!!!!

Eritrean restaurant?  We've never eaten Eritrean food....

Those blue bits are houseboats!!  We're going through Little Venice here.....

And we got off here!  Where are we?

Kensal Green cemetery??  Oh....

Looks like a big place, this does.

This place seems to be a very overcrowded cemetery....

very VERY overcrowded!

We left a bookcrossing book here....

and another one here!!

There's quite a few wonky headstones here too...

This celtic cross headstone's lying down.

We left a bookcrossing book on this railing!!

More wonky headstones....

This is the back of the celtic cross headstone shown underneath...

That's a pyramid....??!

We left another bookcrossing book here!!

Oh!!  There's part of the canal system!!

Another celtic cross...

We left our last bookcrossing book on a bench....

See what I mean about wonky headstones?!

There's more celtic cross headstones here than in Highbury....!!

There's LOADS!!

After a long walk there (and we didn't even see ALL of it!!) we came back out to the bus stop to finish off the bus route.

While we were waiting for the bus, we left another floppy disc on the railing.

BUS BINGO ALERT!!!  It's the number 18 again!!

This bus was jam packed with passengers though so we didn't get many pictures on the bus.....  and we're heading into an area of London that's a mix of Asian/Indian, African and Middle Eastern Muslim.  Interesting area!!


It's quite residential here and not as run down as parts of the East End.

Oooo that's interesting....!!

And then we got off right at the very end of the route!!!

That's where we came from!!

Then we had to figure out where to cross over so we could get the bus back to Euston.

Oh here we go....

We spotted a mini manhole cover!!

Aha, here we go!!

The 18 bus back to Euston!!!

We gave them a floppy disc!!

Wonder what we'll see now?

There was a funfair here but they're shutting down now, and moving off.

Residential area.......

That's the North Circular motorway!!!  M25, Andrea thinks.....

Ooooo what's that??!

Oh that's interesting.....

OOOOoooooo love that gate!!

Oh that's almost art deco, isn't it?

Oh wow....

That's fancy!!!!

That's defo art deco!!!

And that's Madame Tussauds!! 

And Regents Park!!!  We're getting back into central London now!!

And we got off here at Euston Station, back at the end of the route!!!  Wow, what a day out!!!

We left another floppy disc on the railing and then had a bit of walk along the road.....

And found some street art!!!

When we got as far as the British Library.....

We tied this to the railing!!

And then crossed over the road.... wait, what?  Are we not going home now??

We left another floppy disc here.

And another little card here...

And ended up here!!!  We're stopping for dinner??!?!?!

We got a fizzy drink.....

And an ENORMOUS fish with chips on the side!!!  We couldn't finish that!!

On the way out, we left another floppy disc on the railing outside....

and found another manhole cover!

And then made our way back to the station!  Wow, what a day!

And here we are!!

We used the facilities and left another card on the door and then washed our paws forever.

Oh, not too long for our train!  Excellent!!

And we got a window seat too!  Hurrah!!

They got a floppy disc too!!

We're coming into Blackfriars station here!!

And now we're heading to London Bridge!

And here we are back in Brighton!!!

And there was a bus waiting for us outside!!!

And we got off here!!! Then it was just a short walk home....

We got some more coffee from Fortnums.

And a box of Macaron too!!!