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Monday, 28 February 2011

Beanie's Trip to Holland, Day Four!

Thursday was our last day in Amsterdam!! We had breakfast of cornflakes, coffee....

 and bread and orange marmalade!!! Yum! 

 Then we had to pack up and leave!!! (But not before we had lost letterbox number three somewhere in the youth hostel near reception!! heehee!!)

 It was foggy today, and the park looked eery and quiet....

Bye Bye youth hostel!! It was nice staying there!

On the way, we spotted some geese near a canal! Then I remembered that we still had some cake left over from our train ride the day before!!

So we stopped to feed breakfast to the geese and the moorhens! They really liked it too!
The geese don't like the seagulls much though - they chased away all the gulls that tried to get cake!

On the way to town, we passed a Cheese Shop!! That's my favourite!!
Well, apart from chocolate shops....

Coo, that's really weird, seeing canals in the fog...!

We walked past the Flower Market too!

And then stopped for coffee! Andrea said I could have the biscuit!

We saw this statue outside too!
I don't know what his name is but he's nice!!

I had three wonderful cards to lose on my way, so I tied one to this bicycle!

We said goodbye to the horses too.
And we said goodbye to the scarey lions here!!

And we stopped for lunch! They didn't have French Onion soup today, so we had tomato soup instead with extra French bread and butter.

And then it was time to head up to Centraal Station...

We met Bunny at a Candy store!! He doesn't look very happy - I don't think he's allowed to eat any candy. That's not fair!!


At the train station, we got on another double decker train that went to the Air O'Port!

We found a big Globe of the World at the Air O'Port!! I found some of the places I've visited!

We lost my last card in one of the ladies toilets at the Air O'Port!!!

We had to wait a while before they told us which gate to get out plane from...... so we sat and watched this plane get loaded up!

I love take off!!!
We didn't have any food on the way back because we weren't hungry so we just watched out of the window!

OH! We're back over England again!
I think the passengers all had beans again for dinner last night - there was lots of wind blowing us home fast!!!

Coo - I wonder what part of England that is?

That looks a bit like the Isle of Wight but Andrea said if it was, we've gone too far down the English Channel...... and we'd be landing at Bournemouth Airport instead!

We're turning round now...!!

Well, we landed at Gatwick so it can't have been the Isle of Wight....!
Because Andrea had a biometric passport, we went through the e-control this time. All we had to do was scan her passport, have her eyes looked at by a little machine and then the gates whizzed open and we were allowed back into England!!! We then waved goodbye to the riffraff still standing in line and got an earlier bus back home!!!
How fab is THAT??!!

It was a lovely evening too.....!

When we got off the coach, we saw this painted onto a Telephone cable box!!!

We're home!!
We had lots of mail waiting for us at home, including A Package from Jerry and Ben and a postcard from Hammie from his mini holiday before we met him in Groningen! That was funny!

Between me and my friends, we all found 16 elastic hair ties in two and a half days!!!
Even Uncle Harry was picking them up for me!!!! Hahahahahaaaa!!!!

We had to mend Ickle Bear's face (his snout had become unstuck) and then I showed him my new mouse, my squished penny and my musical Spending Money that I found!

And best of all I got a new stamp in my passport!
What a lovely holiday!!!


  1. I would love to fly in a plane one day.

  2. What a beautiful trip, and what a beautiful coming back with so many presents :)))

  3. Glad you received the package Beanie! We hope you like the "beans" we included for you.

  4. Hahaha! Glad you are home safe! We had fun writing that card at Schiermonnikoog because we knew we would see you first and then you would get your card:-)!

    By the way uncle Harry told me to tell you that he says hello! And that he liked finding the hair ties for you!

  5. Wow, what a trip you had, Beanie! It made me think back to when I was in Holland. I wish you could lose one of your lovely cards in Australia :)

  6. @ Sullivan - Riding in Air O'Plane is fun!! Hope you try it soon!!

    @ Jerry and Ben - The Other Beans were Yummy!! I'll make a post about that soon!

    @ Hammie - tell Uncle Harry Thank you for helping!!!

    @ Feronia - if you send me your snailmail address, I can post you some things to lose...?

  7. Wow, we love, love the new main blog photo Beanie--it's so cute! The three musketeers! Such a great adventure--it would make a wonderful story for a photo book!

  8. @ Ben and Jerry: I like being one of the three musketeers!!! And it would be a great book, I'm sure! Wish we three could go on adventures more often... Wouldn't that be great Beanie and Sullivan?

  9. Yeah, that would be fun!! We could Swash Buckle all over Europe!!! HAHAHAAAA!!!