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Saturday, 19 March 2011

When Beanie Met Mim!!

Yesterday, Andrea had the day off work, and said we were going somewhere to meet somebody!

First of all we went up to Brighton Train station!!!

and got a train up to London!! How exciting!
 We had to get the Number 11 bus!! I love the number 11 Bus!!

We sat on the top deck and got to see all sort of interesting things. This building is on Parliament Square!

The street sign says "Whitehall" - that's where the Prime Minister lives!! Except there's two of them, so I guess the other one lives in the Dog House or garden shed or something....

At Trafalgar Square we saw Mounted Police Officers!!! Hello Police Horsey!!

When we got off at St Paul's Cathedral, we discovered we were "Running Late" and had to cross over a Very Scarey Thin Bridge with No Sides!!!! I HATE THOSE!!!!!!
It's that bridge you can see just about in the middle....

Andrea very nearly froze when we started crossing, but since we were Running Late, she decided to push everyone out of the way and run all the way across!!! We made it to the other side too.... phew!!

We went into a place called Tate Modern, and met HiMonkey!! He lives with Andrea's friend called Mim who's another mail artist from America! They were in London for only a few days, and we had arranged to meet her and her Husband Chuck.

Mim brought me a present of some little buttons!!! I love these!

we decided to sit down for Brunch and Andrea had a Fakey Bacon with a real egg Sandwich. (Sullivan - that's FAKEY bacon......!)

After that, Chuck went round the Museum to look at some Glass exhibits (he's a glass artists) while me and Mim made some Mail Art. Andrea had brought some pencils and found stuff for us to use.

We made a Postcard!!! It had some Tate Modern sugar wrappers on it as well!!

After that, we went to the turbine room and looked at some clay sunflower seeds. Each one had been made and painted individually by a Chinese artist called Mr Weiwei.

 This Turbine room is very big and very cold!!!

After that, we went for a walk round to see what they had. This is a glass exhibit....

And that's the bottom bit.

They had some Russian Communist propaganda posters too....

And this one which belongs to this label...

Then we found a lot of Impressionist paintings!! lots of Cezanne and Matisse! Me and Andrea were really happy to see these!! After that, we went to Gift Shop and bought some stuff, and then sat down for a cup of tea. It was nearly time for me and Andrea to go home so....

We found Chuck again, and went outside to take our photos!!
That's me and Andrea and Mim with St Paul's over the river.
Chuck said it was St Peter's but then Andrea said no, that's in Rome. Today's Friday which means you're in London which means that's St Paul's!!! We all laughed!!

A closer shot....


Then we all said goodbye, and Mim and Chuck went back into the Museum.
what a fun day!!

We decided to go back across that bridge there which is a proper big bridge with sides.

Oh Wow!!

This is Blackfriars Bridge!!

That's looking down the Thames south towards the Houses of Parliament.

And that's looking the other way. You can see St Paul's Cathedral on one side and the Gherkin building on the other side (Andrea calls it the Bullet Building though!!!)
They're doing a lot of rennovation work here to revamp it in time for the Olympics next year.

We found the nearest bus stop to get the Number 11 bus again back to Victoria Station.

We sat on the Top Deck again and saw loads of things!!
That chap is somebody called T P O'Connor!

We saw some funny eye glasses too!! That looks like something Urbandon would make or wear!

We saw a lion too!! We also saw a sign for the Anti Corn-Law League too!!! And a place called the Devil's Tavern!!!

There's a Bowler Hat sign!!! This is near the Prime Minister's house and that street sign near the traffic lights says "Great Scotland Yard"!!!

There's the Parliament building again...

We didn't get off at the train station this time, we got off round the corner instead.

Because we're going home by Coach instead!!!

It takes a bit longer by coach but you get to see more which can be interesting!

AND - AND - we got Jaffa Cakes!!!!

Nyum Nyum Nyum....!! I love these!

We went past lots of places including this pretty church....

And we got to watch the sun go down too!! It's so pretty!!


When we got home, it was dark!! We got another bus back to our house.

And on the way, we got an Indian curry take away!! Yummy!!!

We made a postcard when we got home too. We'd bought some Indian Khadi paper at the Tate Modern which was postcard size, so we used one of those, and a bunch of papers and a Tate sugar wrapper too!! We posted this today to Mim and Chuck so they'll see this when they get home!
What a fun day out!!!


  1. Another fantastic adventure Beanie! We love your photos. We also wondered, have you ever met Paddington Bear? He live in London and he is, we think maybe, a very distand cousin of ours.

  2. What a great day! And so cool you got to meet up with Mim and Chuck.

  3. OH!! I think I met him in Harrods once.... he's a nice bear!!!!

  4. What a great day out, Beanie! I know just what you mean about those bridges...I was on a very similar one on Friday night and I didn't like it at all!!

  5. What a nice day you had!
    Kisses :)

  6. Sorry I am so late but I think that looks like a grand trip! I like that big bridge! Mom doesn't like bridges that you can see through. I've never been on a bridge but I don't think I'd like the no-sided bridges either!

  7. Oh, that's OK Marlowe!! I like late comments just as much as early ones!! I much prefer big bridges with sides too. Ther's more space to squeak in!!

  8. Wat a fantastik owting!!!! Yu got to see tons ov stuff, an meet new frends, an an an hav JAFFA CAKES AS WELL!!! That waz a dramatik sunset yu sor, too!

  9. I love Jaffa Cakes!!! Andrea let me eat the whole box, too!!!!

  10. I'm finally getting to see the wonderful photos. I loved our visit and enjoyed seeing the other adventures you had before and after out meeting. It is a day that won't be forgotten.

  11. Oh these are such special photos of a special time. It meant so much that you came to town to meet up. A lovely memory of us making Mail Art together. Sweeet!