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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beanie at the Manga Show, Day Three! AND a giveaway!

On Monday we got up early again and had breakfast! Toast and jam, cornflakes and coffee!! Yum!

Andrea said it was time to go home, so we packed up all our goodies. I really enjoyed the Manga show!

After we said goodbye to the people at reception (I even showed them my passport!!) we went off to the bus stop outside.

Here we are crossing the Thames by the Houses of Fraudsters. They run the country. Except the ones that get locked up in prison for lying on their expense forms.
 We left my last tag tied on the bus!!

We had a little time to spare before we got the coach home, so we had a wander round and met some horses!!

They were going home too!

Then we got a bit hungry so we stopped for coffee and toast.

And then it was time to get out coach home!

We're off....!

And we even had some more Jaffa Cakes to eat on the way!!!!!!!!!!

When we got home, I found I had two stamps in my passport! This one is the Hostel stamp.

And this one at the top is a special one marking 80 years of Youth Hostelling!!!

We had a proper look at the Steampunk brooch Andrea bought. Isn't it pretty?

Now for the freebies!!! This is a UK size Medium Tshirt. On the front it says "The most important film of our time is Norwegian" and on the back it says "The Troll Hunter. "
If you'd like to have this, leave a comment under this post mentioning "T-shirt".


The next giveaway from the Manga Show - it's four copies of the same book, so four different people can leave a comment for this one, mentioning "Book"!! It contains five taster chapters from five different books - one gladiator, one alien, one vampire, one werewolf and one time traveller story. More info can be found here

The next giveaway is for Europe ONLY. This is a 10 disc DVD special edition of an anime cartoon called "Xcalibur" containing all 40 episodes, rated PG. This is a fantasy story based on the King Arthur legend. I watched the first episode last night - it's a French production but in English, so I'm guessing it will only play on European DVD machines (Other areas have a different set up). The art work in this is quite amazing!
So, if you like the King Arthur story and anime, leave a comment mentioning "DVD".


And the last giveaway is the shopping bag we got free at Cass Art Store! It measures 15.5 inches (40 cms) wide and 17.5 inches (44 cms) high and has regular handles as well as an inbuilt shoulder strap. This one is grey but I have another one exactly the same that's Olive Green. If you fancy this one, leave a comment here mentioning "Bag" and also state colour choice.


If I leave at least a week for people to pop in and state which giveaway they'd like..... let's say 11th June I'll announce who gets what prize.


  1. I'm in!!!!! I'm in!!!! Guess what I'm in for????? Excalibur!!!! I'm sooooo curious for that one!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

  2. Excellent!!! I thought of you as soon as I saw what it was!!!!

  3. Wow, what can I choose???????
    I think I will say BAG, no matter the colour :)))
    I'm going to cross my fingers!!!

  4. Gosh, wat a hewge giveaway!!!! I think I wud mostly like a BOOK! I kwite like books that ar ghosty or vampirey. I've got wun abowt a horntid pair ov pants! It's grayte! I reed it to the yunger Bears on Halloween! Hehe!! AN Sam's into time travellor stuff. He likes Dr Hoo.


  5. MWEAH! Dilly luv reedin bowt Beenie ventchers!

    Dilly wud like try for DVD.
    Dilly luv King Arthur storeez.
    Hav pwinsesses in, an long pwitty dresses an horses in shiney stuff. MWEAH!


  6. Ow ow ow noooo... Dilly not want be genst Hammie! Dilly withdrorrr! Go for nmmmmmm....
    nmmm............GWEEN BAG!!!! INSTED!!!! Oooooo sorry, Raquel!


  7. @Dilly: awwwww, it doesn't matter at all, if you say a Gween bag, I will say a Blue bag, and everybody will be happy XDDD
    Kisses and good luck!

  8. Phew!! I thought there would be a fight over the DVD!!! OK, well since I have two of those shopping bags, I can give the grey one to Raquel and the green one to Dilly so that works FABULOUSLY well, doesn't it?!?!!!

  9. It is perfect for me! Thank you!!!!

  10. Book! Sounds like a good way to try new authors.

    And sorry for not commenting much. When we finally could comment again there was some stuff going on which made me moody enough not to want to comment much.

  11. Not a problem!! Glad you're able to comment now, and glad you got in the giveaway!!