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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Beanie Went To Portsmouth!!

 Yesterday, Andrea got me up early and we left the house..... and met this Undercover Street cleaner!!  He has lots and lots of Bears travelling on his trolley, and he doesn't know the names of them either - I reckon they're all spies checking up on Dodgy Characters Around Town!!!!
I wonder if Bob knows any of them....?

 Anyway, after we'd had a chat (during which they said they couldn't tell me anything because they'd have to kidnap me in the trolley afterwards and it smells in there) me and Andrea went up the road.

 We ended up at the train station!!!

 I made sure we got on the right train, and we travelled a long way through the countryside!!

 Oh!  I've seen that boat before on the way to Isle of Wight!!  Are we getting the swimming cat again?

Oh no, we're going this way......

 We're at Ports Mouth!!

 Which way now?

 Oh, it's the Historical Boat Museum Yard!  Dogs aren't allowed here, or bicycles.

 We found another drain cover!!!

 Gosh, he looks important.  Wonder who he is...

 Another drain cover!  Hmm, must be for seagull poo.

 We met Henry VIII here!!  He got married six different times and three of them were called Catherine!

 We went into the Mary Rose Museum, and the Mary Rose was one of Henry VIII's boats.  It sunk in Portsmouth Harbour on a voyage somewhere for a fight and all the sailors drowned because none of them could swim.  Henry VIII then decided that everyone who joined his navy had to learn to swim first before they could join - and that's still true now!!!
That picture is of some of the canon balls that were found with the shipwreck!

 They had some Tudor clothing on show too - Dilly would love that!

 And a picture of a Mouse as well!!!

 OH PIRATES!!!!  I wish Bob was here - he'd love this place!!!

 He looks a bit funny though .....!

 This was about the HMS Victory boat, which is famous for being driven by a chap called Lord Nelson.  He fought the French on it but he got killed.

 And that's the HMS Victory!!!  It's very old.

 You can take a tour of the boat but today, they weren't letting people on.

 And there's the back of the boat!!!

 Here's another HMS boat (Andrea forgot the name though.... she has a terrible memory sometimes!!!)

 After all that walking around sightseeing and shopping, we were both hungry so we stopped for lunch.  Andrea then surprised me by showing me a new friend she'd got me, a mouse called Clive!!!
He helped me eat some Blue Cheese Soup with a thick slice of bread and butter.  It was yummy!

 After that, it started getting really busy at the harbour, so we decided to have a little wander around town for a bit.

 That hotel has a Model on the balcony!!!!!!!!  hahahahaa!!!

Then - completely by accident - we found this, all about Isambard Brunel!!! 

That's amazing because when we go to the Manga show in London, we stay in a Youth Hostel near the Brunel Museum in London - and today, we found out that he was born in Ports Mouth!
How exciting!!

 There's even a special monument for him too!!

 And it's in a square named after Dilly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We tied a tag nearby next to one of the trees....

 And then followed the signs to try and find Brunel's birthplace!
It's a bit like a treasure hunt!!!

 Oh, here's another drain cover!

Oh, here it is!!!  All the houses in the street are new builds, so I guess Brunel's original house got knocked down ages ago.... but I'm glad they put this here instead!

 Then, we were getting tired, so we decided to go home...

 We discovered though that there'd been flooding at East Croydon train station which disrupted all the trains along the south coast!!!  We got on a train though (and I tied a tag to the seat in front!!!)

 And we went past this fancy building....

And then had to get off here, at Havant, and wait for another train to Brighton.  that one turned out to be packed like a tin of sardines, so we didn't take any pictures on that train!!!

 And then we got off here...

And walked home in no time!!! 
Here's me and Clive with all the shopping we did!!  We got pirate treasure and squished pennies!!!  AND we got some bread baking flour, so I can have another go at cooking soon!  YIPPEE!!
Now, who shall I send these presents to.....????


  1. We love those big boat photos! Did you find stashes of honey jars in those treasure chests? Hi to your new pal Clive!

  2. Did you know that my grandma was born in Portsmouth? Oh yeah, mom says it was Portsmouth NH in New England, not England. I got confused, because they have bic ships and boats there too.

    Looks like you and Clive had a great time.

  3. That story about the Mary rose and the swimming lessons is sad, but cool as well.

  4. No, we didn't find any honey jars, but we found lots of pieces of eight (pirate money!!)

  5. Hello Clive! nice to meet you! I like that beautiful boat!

  6. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Hello, Clive!

  7. Hi Clive, welcome! Enjoy your trips with Beanie :)
    See you in september (we're going on holidays)

  8. WOW I reelly enjoyd this post! How eggsytin! An hallo Clive!