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Friday, 25 February 2011

Beanie's Trip to Holland, Day One.

Last Monday, Andrea told me we were going on a Very Special Trip, and put me in charge of Packing!!

All done and ready to go!!!

We're getting a coach? Where to this time?

We went past the Royal Pavilion Palace.....

And got off at Gat Wick Air O'Port!!! We're flying somewhere!!

Now, which one's our Flight?

We asked the Harrods Bear where to go and he was very helpful!

Here we are! Ready to get on the Big Plane! I remember those from last time I came to Amsterdam.... they're like big metal seagull things that carry people and mice.

And it's take off!! WHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

We had a toasted cheesey sandwich for lunch, too!! That was yummy!

Oh look! We reached the other side of the English Channel! I wonder if that's Holland down there?

Then we had to get Train. Andrea said that we got to Amsterdam earlier than they said it would take and it's because of Wind making you go quicker. I suppose all the passengers ate beans for dinner last night then, and farted a lot!!!!! HAhahahahahaaaaa!

We got off at Amsterdam Centraal station.... I love that clock!

Then we got Number Five Tram....

And got off here at Leidseplein!

We saw the Hippo on the bridge again!

And here we are at Vondelpark Youth Hostel!!

After we checked in, we went to our room to leave our bags. We got the bottom bunk.

We stayed in a different part of the building this time, at the back of the building..... this is what we saw out of the window!!

On the way here, I found these at Centraal Station!! How exciting...!

Then we went out to investigate! We had to go past these to get to the main building!

The crocus are starting to come out too!

I've never seen this part of the hostel before!

They've even got a muriel on this wall!

That's the rest of it!

We then had a walk in Vondelpark

And then we stopped off in a cafe for a beer!! Mmmm...mmm!

Then we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. Last time we came to Amsterdam, there was a little ice skating rink in this square!

We decided to come to this Chinese restaurant! We ate here last time, and really liked it!
And now the pictures are very dark!!! But I am in this picture, drinking some jasmine tea!!!

And in this one, I'm eating prawns in black bean sauce and egg fried rice! It was yummy!!

We met this dragon on the way out! He looks a bit scarey!

We saw this picture on the wall on our way back to the hostel.
And I was so tired, I went straight to sleep....!!
What an exciting day!


  1. Good afternoon Beanie :)
    My name is Raquel, from Madrid (Spain), and I have arrived to your blog from Hammie Hamster's blog.
    I must say that I love fluffies and their adventures around the world ;)
    I have a blog about adventurer plushies (in Spanish and in -bad- English). I invite you to have a look and drop a line there if you like it

  2. By the way, I have linked your blog to mine to follow your adventures more closely :)))
    Kisses and thanks

  3. Oh, great pictures.
    C. really likes the hippo.

  4. What an exciting trip Beanie! We love your photos, esp. the photo of the Harrods bear! We wish we could have joined you all in beautiful Amsterdam. It looks like you had a beary, beary good time!

  5. That is a very big bear! I'm glad he knew where you had to go.