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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Beanie on the Isle of Wight, Day Three

On Sunday, we got up and found that it wasn't as sunny as Saturday.

We had Weety Bicks for breakfast!!

Then, when Lynne was ready and after I'd packed, we went and loaded up in the car!
It was time to go!!

So off we went for Drive!

First of all, we stopped at Busy Bee Garden Centre!! (Andrea just told me that the Union Jack flag is upside down, she thinks... oops!)

We saw some fun things in here!!

 They had loads of cheap envelopes!! I make my own though so we don't need to buy any of these ones.....

 and we also saw some feather boa's!! They tickled and made me sneeze!

We also met Piggy!

We stopped for coffee while we were here and I got a Royal Wedding Mug!!!! Andrea said I could take it home with me too!!

Outside, we saw a Vintage Car!! Can we take this home too???

Then we went for another drive!!

We stopped off here too!!!

 OH!! Yellow raffia! Let's get some!

We found dragons too!!

And more ladybugs!!

Then we went for another drive!!
You definitely need a car on Isle of Wight!!

And then it was time to go On the Pier!!

We arrived early for our boat home, so we said goodbye to Lynne!!
I like Lynne....!

Then we saw our Swimming Cat arrive, so we got on ready for Sailing!

Bye Bye Isle of Wight!! It was nice to see you again!!!

And here we are arriving at Ports Mouth!! You can just about see the Spinnaker Tower there...

There is it!!! Andrea says it was built to look like a thing called Spinnaker Sail which are on things called Yachts.

And we got here just in time to get train home!!

We had Sandwiches on the way too.....

...... while we were whizzing our way through the countryside!.....

And then we walked home from the train station!!
What a fun weekend!!!


  1. Wow, what an interesting weekend you had!
    By the way, I DO love boa's, they are so soft!

  2. Looks like you had a great time, Beanie!

  3. You are lovely Beanie mouse.
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn
    bear from the Netherland.

  4. What a nice weekend Beanie! We like the ladybugs a lot! And the piggy too!

  5. Hey Beanie mouse, a fantastic tour guide you are. Love seeing places through your travels.

    That cup is a keeper!

    Thanks for dropping by, unfortunately I haven't heard from Helena for just as long. Guess you knew about her commitment at home and stuff? I hope too that she's just busy. Drop her a tail! Oops, sorry, mail.

  6. Hello Stardust!! Yeah, I hope too that Helena is just busy!!! And I have dropped her some tail mail too!!! hahaha!!