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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beanie on the Isle of Wight, Day Two

On Saturday, we got up and I met LadyBug!!! I didn't know they had one here!!

I also met some Spy Bears. They wouldn't tell me their names, only they were 004 and 002 and a half and they were on Special Missions!!!

 I also met Chaz Dog again!! He stayed still long enough to have his photo taken! He was nice, he didn't try and bite me!!!

After breakfast, we went out to find Car.

And then we went off for a drive!!!

Andrea saw a signpost for somewhere that we'd never been to, so we took a diversion to here. We met ducks!!!

They had a very nice stream to paddle in!

and then all of a sudden we saw a parade of baby ducks!!!!!

They seemed to be very happy!

This place is called Winkle Street and Lord Tennyson used to stay here!!
Who's he?? Did we see him at the Wedding??

Then we got back in Car for another drive.

And we got out here!

It's a beach with lots of pebbles on, just like at home!

We spotted a very pretty Muriel made up of mosaic pictures of birds and fishes!!

I like it here!

See? Andrea came too!

Then we stopped for Coffee.....

and I let Andrea help me drink it!!

We then had a walk up the road to the Dimbola Lodge and saw a sculpture of some guy called Jimmy Hendricks. I've never heard of him either.

Then we had another drive!! Wonder where we're going now....

We went to a town called Godshill and had an all day breakfast for lunch!!!
I love these!!!

We found a sculpture of a pelican!

And then found a glass shop!

And THEN we found a Very Important Sign!!!!!
We did what we were told too, and stopped here!!!!

And stopped some more..... and spent some money...... yummmmmy!

After that, we found a special Bear adoption centre!!!

And we saw this anvil too.

Oh this is a funny dog!! his ears flap in the wind!!!

Then we went for ANOTHER drive!!!!

And we stopped here. Oh...... those are big animals...... don't get too close now....


Oh...... don't get too close now......don't drop me....!

Phew, that was close!! Where are we going now?

Lavender? That lovely smelly stuff?!

Oh this is better!!! I love this!!

After we did some shopping, we stopped for a drink. It's thirsty work, this is, you know!

Wow, that's a pretty view...!

And then we had ANOTHER ride in Car!!!

When we got home, I found a funny sign on the door!!
I hope that doesn't give Hammie any ideas!!!

Here's all our shopping! Andrea even remembered to buy Lavender Honey!!!
AND chocolate!!! Excellent!

Later on, we had fish and chips and beans for dinner.... yummy!

I'm exhausted......!


  1. It was a day full of adventures! By the way, I love lavender too :)

  2. I am so jealous! What a beautiful trip.
    But my owner tells me that maybe we'll go to an amusementpark in June. I wonder what's so amusing about a park.

  3. Hahaha!! That's a funny sticker! I'll ask G. if we can put one on our door too!!! That will scare off thieves and burglars! But I promis, I won't bite! At least non of my friends, so don't be afraid to come in... :-)! Nice day again Beanie!

  4. What a terrific time you've been having, Beanie! Lavender honey...mmmmm :)