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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Beanie Went To London!!! (again!)

Last Sunday, Andrea got me up early and took me out!!

We got on the bus into town...

And then we walked up here....

We found a knitted piggie on the way!!!

And  then we arrived at the train station!  We're going to London!!

 I made sure Andrea got on the right train!!

We tied one of our tags to the seat!!

When we got to Victoria, Andrea had to take a pee, so I tied one of our CD's to the door!!!

Then we got on a bus.  Which one today??

It's the C10!!  Where are we going??

OH!  It's a statue of John Millais, the artist!!  This is at the Tate Britain museum!!

That's the Chelsea University of Art over there!!!

They got flags here....

And a special watercolour exhibition!!!  Andrea says we're going to see this, and we're using our National Art Pass to get in for half price!!  Excellent!!

We found a painting all about Beans!!  Specially for me!!!!  HAHAHAaaa!!

They had some wonderful J Turner paintings!!  This one is from one of his sketch books!!

It was a brilliant exhibition, with some Charles Rennie Mackintosh paintings and a John Ruskin and they even had paint boxes belonging to Queen Victoria and J Turner!!
We got the exhibition catalogue book to read and some postcards!

The outside was a bit shot to bits though.  I guess someone didn't like the Tracy Emin pictures.  I don't blame them, they were crap.

 then we got a bus back to the station because there weren't any restaurants near here and we were hungry.

so..... here we are on the C10 bus going the other way!

We got off here by the coach station....

and had a big drink!

Oh wow!!  That's bigger than me!  I can't eat all that!!!

After lunch, we got the 11 bus.

I like the 11 bus!!  So did lots of other people, it was packed like sardines!

we got off at Aldwych near Waterloo bridge!

We saw this, it's a bee hive making honey!!

and that's the Infernal Revenue Tax office.

Gosh, it's a war memorial!
That's round the back of Somerset House...

And actually we needed the front entrance here!!!!!


Andrea said there were supposed to be some statues here made by Ai Wei Wei, the Chinese artist... they were of the Chinese Zodiac animals and had a mouse in it!!!
But they got taken away the week before and we missed it!!!
But we've had a lovely day today, and this is such a beautiful courtyard....

We wandered back to the bus stop and saw this fancy lamp post!

And saw some more animals!!

We got to the bus stop outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

and got a seat at the top of the bus right at the front!!!

Oh look!  There's Big Ben!!

We got off here near Victoria Station but we were early for our train so we wandered about for a bit.

We found this pretty park... oh, what's that!

It's a sculpture!!

Oh gosh, look at that!

That's all about this sculpture....

I love this!

I think this is my favourite...!

I ain't scared of no cat!

The artist even signed it too!

we found a funny building with sea shells on it!

it's pretty though...

And then it was time to go home...

But then we discovered these tiles on the wall that we'd never noticed before!!

It's even got our home town on it!!!!!  That's where we're going!!

I made sure we got on the right train again....

And here we are at Brighton Station!!!

We got the bus home....

And we even found some stuff to make stuff with too!!
What a fabulous day!!!


  1. When my child gets older, I will take her to London, I have been there twice and I like that city very much!

  2. Goodness Beanie Mouse, you must have had a very busy day, it's a good job you like travelling on buses so much or your little legs would be very tired! Fantastic photos - I love them x

  3. I like the building with the sea shells! It's a good idea, I'll ask G. if we can do that to our home too! And we got your card yesterday! Thanks Beanie! We like it a lot!

  4. I love riding on buses!! I like seeing where we're going! But it was odd to see a shell building in London because it's nowhere near the sea!!

  5. Hello Beanie Mouse. I thought you'd like to know that I've written about you on my blog today. I borrowed one of your photos to let my readers know a bit more about you. I hope you don't mind!

  6. I LOVE THAT!!! Thank you for the publicity and I don't mind at all!!

  7. What a fun day out. I love the knitted piggy