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Monday, 2 May 2011

Beanie on the Isle of Wight, Day One

Last Friday, Andrea said we were going somewhere and put me in charge of packing!!

I'm very good at packing!

See? Didn't take long at all!!!

Before we left, we had time to watch Prince William on the telly. He's at Westminster Abbey!

That's his girlfriend getting into a posh car at Goring Hotel. We found that last week!!

Oh look! There she is getting out at Westminster Abbey as well!! She's wearing a very pretty frock!

there's her Dad walking her down the red carpet! Andrea says that colour is called Abbey Red!

And that's her sister carrying the Train.

There they are at the tomb of the unknown soldier! They walked up round one side, and came down round the other side!

 And there's Prince Harry, Prince William, Catherine, and Catherine's Dad at the altar!
Now we know they've all arrived safely, it was time for us to go!

I wonder where we're going today....

We've arrived at Hove Train Station!!

I got my very own table seat!!

And we're off through the English Countryside!

We got off at Ports Mouth Harbour and saw a fancy boat!! We really should investigate that one day, you know....

We had time to have a Spot Of Lunch. Yummmm...!

Then we saw a Cat-A-Maran turn up!! We're getting a swimming Cat to Isle of Wight!!!

And we're off!!!

15 minutes later, we saw the Isle Of Wight!!!

Here we are at Ryde Pier Head!!! Yippee!!!

Andrea's friend Lynne came to collect us!! She didn't have to work today either because she was watching the Royal Wedding too!!!

First of all, we stopped at the beach. The tide had gone out - wonder if tide went to the Wedding??

We saw lots of shells stuck to things!!

I had my picture taken with Andrea too!!!

And then we found a spade handle!!!!! I wonder what they were digging for?

Then we went to Arcade Games place and I won a rubber ball!!!!!!!!!!! We nearly didn't win anything, but just as we were about to leave, the ball fell out with some more 2p coins!!
That was funny and we all cheered!!

Then we went back to car and drove to Lynne's house.

We met Tinker Parrot again!! She didn't growl at me this time!

We had toasted Hot Cross Buns..... but Andrea didn't say what they were cross about.

Then for dinner, we had Pepperoni Pizza and salad!! Yummmy!!!

We were really tired after today's excitement..... we even found some sea glass and funny shells on the beach too!!

And then we went to bed.....zzzzzzzzzzz....


  1. What a great day! I saw some of the wedding on tv as well.

  2. I watched some of the wedding too, the bride was beautiful!
    Waiting for the next posts of your excursion :)

  3. Hewo Beanie! Hope awl hav luverly time on Isle ov Wite!!!


  4. You have the greatest adventures Beanie! Good of you too to look after Andrea! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. What a great day, Beanie! I watched the wedding too - didn't everyone look nice!

  6. I thought you might watch the wedding too! We liked it a lot! Nice to see that you had a nice trip again Beanie!

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