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Friday, 25 February 2011

Beanie's Trip to Holland, Day Two

On Tuesday, we got up and had breakfast! We had coffee, cornflakes and bread with marmalade!!

Then we had a walk through Vondelpark into town.

We did some window shopping too! These are all made out of seashells!!

We found a ladybug too!!! Andrea said that today is a special day and we're going to meet somebody!!!

Oh! Is it you we're meeting today?? No?

Is it them? No??

This one said it wasn't him either but he knows who it is!!!

Who is it we're meeting today???

This one wouldn't tell us either but we gave him one of our cards anyway!

We found a muriel!!

 On the way into town, we saw this fancy window!

Gosh, these canals are pretty, aren't they?!

After we'd done a bit of shopping, we had a tram ride.

And we got off here!!

That tower in the distance is the Westerkerk. Anne Frank saw that out of her window every day, and heard the bell chime!!

We found this decorated bicycle and added a card to it too!

It's a stripey building!!

We saw these fancy easter eggs too!

And these funny Russian dolls!!

After all that walking, we stopped for a coffee and a biscuit.

Then we had another walk around. We found this big scarey lion!!!
RAHHHRRRR! I can do scarey! RAHHHRRR!

What are these??

We found these piggie and hippo watering cans!! I like them!

Then we discovered Andrea's favourite coffee and tea shop was closed for renovations!! But they had opened a smaller shop in the same street in the meantime so we went there instead.

What a lovely street sign!

We found a funny bench to sit on!!

I like that picture best!

These are funny!!

Oh here it is!! The tea and coffee shop!

Then we walked back to the main square again. Andrea said it was nearly time to meet the Special Person!!

Oh how exciting!!

Sullivan brought his owner all the way from their house to meet us in Amsterdam!

They brought us presents from the Asian shop they go to.

They brought us these fancy envelopes and a little blue Mouse!!

We were all hungry by now, so we had lunch. Andrea got me French Onion Soup and extra French Bread with herby butter. It was yummy!

After lunch, I got some stuff out of my backpack and asked Sullivan to choose something to keep. He chose the Green Spending Money because that's his favourite colour!

then we walked back into town to find Sullivan's favourite book shop. We passed this music machine!

We saw this funny building too!

Oh how pretty!!

They have very pretty buildings in Amsterdam!

In the bookshop, I had a good look at the buttons on C's bag. C is Sullivan's helper, like Andrea helps me.

Then we walked some more and saw this pretty window too!

I showed Sullivan the lizards we met earlier!

We also saw a giant chess game!!!

Then we went for a canal boat ride!!!

The boat was very full and we were the last people to get on it before it left. We started out sitting inside the cabin but riding backwards which was a bit strange!

Then we noticed there was an open air deck at the back of the boat where we could sit and face any direction we wanted. So we rode there instead!
We got followed by another boat!

There's Westerkerk again!


The boat had to turn round here, and splashed a lot!! Sullivan got a bit wet!!!

Gosh, these are pretty buildings......

It's very peaceful here too...

Wonder what's down there...?

Another fancy building...!

And another one!!!

OH!! We're not going into the English Channel are we??? But we haven't packed! We can't go home yet!!

Oh! We're going over here!!

Oh look! It's a Chinese Pagoda!!!

Oh, now look at THAT!!! That's a very fancy boat!

There's another tower!

And there's the Waterlooplein flea market!! Andrea says it's not flea market on the prices though, unless you want to pay for Versace fleas. Why would anyone want to buy fleas?

We also saw these funny bridges!!

Those lamps are pretty!

There's another one of those funny bridges!

Andrea said that here was a row of seven bridges all the same shape!!

Here's me, Sullivan and C!!!

That was a fun boat ride!!! After we'd dumped our shopping at the youth hostel, we all went out for a coffee and biscuit!

Then it was time for Sullivan to head back to the train station, so we had another walk through town. We went into a Chinese shop that had mice in it!!!

When we reached the train station, Sullivan helped me and Andrea buy a train ticket for the next day. Andrea said we were going on A Special Trip to see some more Special People!!!

We waved Sullivan and C off at the station and then we got a tram back to Leidseplein!

What a lovely day we had!!

We stopped at a cafe and had a Beer. Ah.... that's better!

Then we went to a restaurant called Mixed Grill, and started off with brioche and herby butter which was SERIOUSLY YUMMY!!! This is almost as good as chocolate bread!!

Then we had crab soup which was fabulous!!!

This was served out of a teapot!!!! How funny!!!

Then we had a fish called "Dorade" which in English is called Sea Bream. We had this with spinach and chips (Americans call them fries) and was also VERY YUMMY!!
We had trouble finishing it all but it was delicious!! I'm glad we ate here!

We finished off with an Irish Latte, which is a Latte coffee with Baileys in it. The waitress said it should be sweet enough but if it wasn't, to use the sugary stirrer thingy. Andrea said I was in charge of the sugary stirrer thingy!! (I don't think she noticed me licking it though. If she did, she never told the waitress when we left....!!)

We also got two cookies (biscuits) in a glass dish! They were yummy too!

That's a picture of the outside of the restaurant.... it did say the name on it but I guess the light has out-lit the sign!

I'm exhausted...... what a day!


  1. It was a great day!
    And your dinner looks delicious.

  2. Great photos Beanie! Thanks for sharing your fun adventure.

  3. That looks like it was a great time! Dratted ocean!

  4. We have a ladybug tile like that in our garden! Harr and G. got it for a house warming present from Pleegpap and Pleegmam! They are on the streets too to reminds people that they should be against street violence. We like that but G. likes the fact that it's a ladybug the most ;-)!

  5. Beautiful trip day Hammie - so cool that you got to meet Sullivan.