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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Beanie's Day Out in London!!!

  Last Sunday, Andrea said we were going out again!!

 We went up to Train Station again!!  Wonder where we're going this time?

 I made sure I tied a tag onto the seat in front!

 And then watched the countryside going past....

We got to London again!!  Andrea needed to go for a pee, so I tied another tag to the door.

 And then we had to go out and get a bus.

 We got the Number 11 bus - here we are outside Westminster Abbey!!

 And then going along White Hall.  That's where Prime Minister lives.

 And then we got off here at Aldwych!
We came here last time!

 And there's Somerset House!!

  Andrea said we were coming to see this Exhibition!!!  We used out National Art Pass again and we got in completely free!!!  Wow!

 I love this Courtyard....!

 I had a big surprise inside the building though!!  We saw some Indoor Drain Covers!!!
I never knew there were indoor ones!

 These are a bit dark.... but they're ever so pretty!!

  It's a shame we couldn't take them home with us!

 I really like these ones!!

After we saw the exhibition (which was great fun by the way!  We did Shopping in the gift shop too - more on that later) we got another bus to go for lunch.
  and we got off here at St Paul's Cathedral!

 We had a good view from the restaurant table!!!

 First we got the drinks in....

 And then we got Baguette to nibble on!

 and then we had pan fried salmon on a salad nicoise which was seriously yummy!  We ate the whole lot!

 Then we got another Number 11 bus back into town.  We went down Fleet Street where Sweeney Todd worked.

 And then we got off near the Savoy Hotel and found a little passageway to this little park!

 And then we found this!!!  The river Thames used to come all the way up here until they changed the banks of the river to build this park.

 We found a camel here too!  There were even pingpong tables for people to play games on!!!

 We walked through to Embankment - this way, you can see to St Pauls and Gherkin.

 And the other way, you can see the Millenium Wheel!

 We then walked back up the side of Charing Cross Station.....

 To Trafalgar Square!

 This is the Count Down Clock for the London Olympics!!  Less than a year to go!!!

 Then we went and did more Shopping at an Art shop!!  I love going in here!

 And we also met Elephant.

Then as it was nearly home time, we got another Number 11 bus...

 Back to Victoria Station!

 And we crossed the river at Battersea Power station.

 and then we got the bus home!!

 We got our shopping out at home.... this is the book of the exhibition.

 We got postcards to send people too!!!

 Andrea even bought me a present of candy!!

 They're made out of Green fairy potion!!!

 I wonder if Sullivan would like a pack of these?  We should've got two.... oh well.

And we also got two books made out of Indian khadi paper.  I use these for scrapbooks!!


  1. I sooooo want to go to London!
    And those candy thingies look good.
    Have you ever been to Crystal Palace, btw?
    My owner tells me they have monsters in Crystal Palace, but I do not believe her.

  2. What a day out you guys had, Beanie! Watch out for that green fairy...!!

  3. Monsters? At Crystal Palace?? OH!! I've not heard about those - I should take Andrea there to see!

  4. We will be going through London on our way to the States from Dublin, but helas not stopping. Maybe next time when we have a longer stay, we can meet up with Beanie and take some photos!

  5. Oh, what a shame you're not stopping!! It would be fun to meet more fuzzy bloggers!

  6. Thank you for the cheeky postcard yu sent, Beanie, yu cheeky mowse yu!!! HAHAHAHAH!

  7. HAHAHahahaaaaa!! Well, we all know how much you love underpants, don't we?!

  8. What a nice trip Beanie! Toulouse Lautrec is a very good artist. G. says that she learned about him when she did art history at high school. And those indoor drain covers are very very pretty! And I like the elephant and the camel too!!! Great trip!!!

  9. I've been to London twice, and I want to go back again! Nice pics and nice trip you've had!

  10. Got your card this week! Thank you! We love Toulouse Lautrec!

  11. We ar lookin forward to meetin up next munth an Mummy just went 'OooOOooOooo' at the art shop!

    Thank yu for the postcard wiv the laydeez pants on! Hehehehe!!!!


  12. (Haz that chokkie got reel absinthe in??)

  13. Hahaha!! Cass Art has four or five shops in London - the Islington one is bigger. The sweeties apparently DO have real absinthe in!! Shall I get some for you as well, if I see them?!?!