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Monday, 24 October 2011

Beanie's Birthday Weekend in London, Day One!

 Last Friday, Andrea said we were going Away For The Weekend.  OH!!!  Tango and George have helped packed the suitcase!!  And they're coming too??!  How fab is that?!?!

 When it was time to leave, it started Looking Like Rain outside, so Tango and George rode in Andrea's fuzzy hat in her backpack.

 Then we went up the road.....

 And met a very friendly black cat!!!  He was so friendly, he wouldn't stay still for a photograph!!!

 Then we arrived at Brighton Train station....

 What??? There's no trains on the announcement board!!  We asked at the information desk and they said our tickets were to travel from HOVE station - Andrea brought us to the wrong station!!!  Hahahahaha!

 So we got the train to Hove.....

 And all waited for the train to London!!!

Here we are!!  Arrived at the right place!!

 We got the Number 11 Bus up to St Paul's Cathedral and found Lots of protesters outside the Cathedral!  Tango will be happy - he likes shouting about stuff!!

Then we went to the Youth Hostel and checked in.  We stayed in the same room as last time and had bed Four on the top!!  Tango and George have never stayed in a bunk bed!!!  (Minor disaster though - both the shoulder straps on Andrea's red rucksack broke off and the Hostel didn't have sewing kits!!  We had to go straight out to buy a New Bag from a sports shop nearby.  It was On Sale for £7!!!  More on that later...)

 We went out later on and the first thing we did was find a new drain cover!!!

 Then we went and yelled at the protesters.  Or was that WITH the protesters?  I can never remember....
We heard that they have their own Library Tent so we gave them four of our bookcrossing books!!!

 Then we had a wander round and tied a CD to a bench in a pretty little square...

 And then saw this sign.  Friendless Churches?  That sounds a bit sad....

 This is us outside the Royal College of Arms - they design all those fancy coat of arms thingies.  George says he's starred in a lot of them as a Model!!!

 On the way to the river, we found this man with no head wearing glasses and a bowler hat!!  Andrea says he pinched the idea from Bob's Halloween costume last year when he pulled his jumper up over his head to make it look like he didn't have one!!!

 Then we found a fancy scientific instrument thingy.....

 Hmmm..... how interesting!!

 We all had a look at the River Thames..... but we were scared we'd fall in!

 Then we saw a shiney ball that reflected everyone that walked past.  Andrea's new £7 bag had a pocket in the front that me, Tango and George all rode in!!!!!  It's a Family Photo!!!!  We could all see where we're going this way!

 then we stopped for coffee............

 And saw a pretty little statue near the Cathedral.

 Then we got starving hungry so went to Pizza Express for dinner.  We had a fizzy drink....

 And a pepperoni pizza...........YUMMMMMMMM!!!!

 AND THEN, they got me a chocolate fudge cake birthday cake with Smarties on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love these!!!

 We had a wander round the tent camp after dinner - this is the library tent that our books went to!!!

And then we were so exhausted, we fell straight asleep in bed..........zzzzzzzzzz.....


  1. What a great day out!
    Next time my owner takes me somewhere I should insist my brothers are coming with us as well.

  2. What a nice weekend you've had :)))
    And the Bday cake looks yummy!!!
    Kisses :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. lol! George posed for the heraldry people! LOL!