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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beanie's Birthday Weekend in London, Day Two

On Saturday, we all got up and had breakfast!!!  Andrea got us cornflakes, toast with apricot Jam (Tango's favourite because it's orange coloured!!!) and coffee.

Then we had a look round the hostel because Andrea forgot to show us on Friday!!  We had a game of table football!!!

 Here's the front of the St Paul's youth hostel.

Apparently, it used to be the boarding school for the St Paul's Cathedral Boy's Choir!!!!

Then, Andrea took us all on a bus to Trafalgar Square!!

They had a great big pirate ship there!!  Oh, Bob would love this.....!!!

I wish this boat was a youth hostel, we could stay on here instead!!!

And THEN we found a Big Grizzly Bear!!!!!!!!!!!
Bears do that SO much better than mice, don't you think?

On our way back to the bus stop, we found these fabulous murials!!!  This one's a crocodile!!!

George had his photo taken with the Crocodile!!!  There's even a DRAGONfly and a frog, if you look closely!

We also saw fish and squid and sharks and all sorts!!!

This one had a creepy spider on it!!!

And a Bat!!!  Sullivan said that in Dutch, those are called something mousies!!!!

Then we got on another bus.......

and got up here, near to Euston Station!!!  Where are we going now??

Gower Street?!  I've been here before....!
We found another drain cover in Gower Street!!!

And another one!!!

We walked past Bedford Square and saw a sign up about a festival.  I tied one of my CDs to the railing next to it, can you see?!?!

Then we got to Cornelissen's, one of Andrea's favourite art shops!!  What's that machine in the window??!

Oh wow!!!  Are we going to buy one?  I think Urbandon would like that......!

We went inside and had a play with the crayons while Andrea did some shopping.

After that, we went up the road to the British Museum!!!

We stopped here for a drink because we were all thirsty.

Then we got another bus.....!!

We saw this fancy clock!!!

And then we got off at High Street Kensington and went for a walk in Holland Park!!!

We saw a funny sculpture in the park too.....

And then because we were all starving hungry, we stopped for lunch at Byron's.

They do burgers here!!!

After lunch we got on another bus.  We love riding London Buses!!!  They're great fun!

We had a look at the Victoria and Albert Museum....

And then got another bus to............

Horrids!!!!!  We're going shopping in Horrid's, the Queen's Walmart shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea took us to the Laduree french patisserie at the back of the building!!!  We went to buy Something Very Special!!!!

And then it was another bus back to the youth hostel!!

We did lots of shopping today!  And Andrea even found a little sewing kit in an Oxfam shop, so was able to fix the shoulder straps on her red backpack with all the patches all over it!!  Yippee!!!

Then we went out for dinner and had another pizza.  We had a Fiorentina Pizza which had an egg on the top!!  Not as nice as the pepperoni pizza, that's our favourite!!!

And then we went to bed.  We were all pooped!!!


  1. Looks like you had a busy, but fun day.

    That great big grizzly bear you saw was a Chicago Bear. Chicago's NFL Football team. You must have been near the stadium where they played. GO BEARS!

  2. I always enjoy traveling with you Beanie!!!

  3. Really cool pictures!
    And yes: a bat is called vleermuis in dutch, which translates to winged mouse.

  4. What a grand adventure! We love the big bear you say, the really neat house boat, and the sculptures in stone!