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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beanie at the Manga Show, Day Two.

 On Sunday, we got up early for breakfast. We had cornflakes, toast with jam and a coffee. Yum!

 And we're off!! Where are we going??

On the way, we saw a funny sticker! I wonder if he's related to Coco Parrot??

Oh!! Rotherhithe Underground Station!!!
This is near the Brunel Museum!

Oh hang on - this tunnel was MADE by Brunel!!! It's the first ever underwater tunnel ever made in the entire world!!! Kind of like the Eurostar tunnel except it goes under the Thames! Andrea says it was built in the 1850s or something.....It's a bit creepy down here though.....

We got off that one at a place called Shadwell, and then changed to the DLR line over there.

Oh wow! It's that O2 arena thing!

And we got off here..... where to now, Jeeves?!

It's the Manga Show at Excel!!!!!
We got another goodie bag with Lots of Stuff in it and we also managed to pick up some more bags with left over movie posters in that other people didn't want! Excellent - we can make envelopes with all them!

Inside the show, we saw a fancy NYPD Police car!!! The lights weren't flashing though....

Andrea bought me a present!!!!!! It's a Cheese Badge!!!!! I love this! It's better than the football badge we got for Bob in Amsterdam!!!

And then - most exciting of all - we met some Steampunks!!!!!!


We met Emma Brackenbury who makes Steampunk costumes and jewellery (I think she said she's on Facebook) and Andrea bought a very pretty Steampunk brooch from who had a stand here as well. They also have an etsy shop too, - we took a photo of the brooch when we got home, so I'll show you that later!

Wow, that was so exciting! After a while, we decided to walk back to a place called Canning Town.

We noticed this outside - it looks like they're building another bridge across the Thames...

There's that arena again!!

There's the Tidal Basin Tavern - looks very run down though. Wonder if it'll still be there next year....?

Here's Canning Town Underground.

We spotted some ribbons tied to a lamp post so I tied one of my tags to it as well!!!
It matches!!

We took Underground up to a place called Angel - on the way out, we saw this sculpture of an Angel!!!

Then we had a walk down here.... I remember this from somewhere....

Oh, that's Islington Green, isn't it?! We've been here before!

Since it was lunchtime and we were hungry, we decided to stop in here for some food first. It's brown, like Bob T Bear!!!

We had a fizzy drink - we were thirsty from carrying all the goodies in our backpack!

And then we had a hot chicken salad which was yummy!!! We were so hungry, we almost inhaled all the food!!!

After that, we came here!!! It's the Cass Art Shop!! I remember now! This has three floors of art supplies and it's brilliant to go shopping in! it turned out though, that there was an electricity fault somewhere locally, so they couldn't take credit cards this day (no problem, Andrea had cash, phew!) but they were giving out freebies as well! How fab is that?!

We tied a CD on their railings outside!

Then we got Number 38 Bus ...... where does this go??

OH!! We went past a theatre with a big shoe on the front!!!!!

Andrea says this is near Shaftesbury Avenue and Leicester Square, where all the theatres and movie theatres are, and we also went past China Town, too!!!

Victoria Station? Oh, we're not going home yet, are we???

Oh no!!! We got on another C10 bus back to Rotherhithe!!!

We went over Thames again and saw the big Millenium Wheel!

On the other side of the river, we went past Lambeth Palace - you can just see the red brick building on the right hand side there..... that's the Palace!!

And here we are back at the Youth Hostel!!

When we unpacked everything, we found some free samples of acrylic paint!!!! The art shop had given them to us!!

Later on, we bought some bread and went to feed the ducks!!

They even had some baby ducks!!! I love them!

Then we wandered around losing some more stuff for people to find!

Then we went back to Simplicity for dinner. We had beer!! Yum!

They'd run out of Prawn Cocktail today, so we had veggie soup instead with a hot bread roll!

Then we had a Beef Burger and chips and salad!!!
Yum yum yum!!!

We decided to have a pudding today too, and asked for a Creme Brulee but it wasn't very good.
The brulee bit on top is supposed to crackle when you hit it with a spoon but this one didn't - it was like trying to carve through hard toffee and at the bottom, the Creme bit was cold.

They don't do Creme Brulee here at all. And I should know - I've had proper ones in Paris!!

But we got another chocolate truffle with the bill though, so that cheered us up!!!!!

And then we went back to the hostel and went to bed. I'm pooped!!


  1. All those yummy food photos we're hungry! It looks like you're having a great time at the show!

  2. What a nice excursion again! By the way, I love when you leave your cards everywhere, it is very kind :)

  3. And another nice day! And a truffle too!!!! Baby ducks are so much fun to watch!