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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Christmas lunch.....!!

Today Andrea had to go to another office for a meeting and she took me with her.  Arnty Vicky was there and she gave me a Cheesey Advent Calendar!!!!  It's got CHEESE in it!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!!!

After the meeting a bunch of us all went out for lunch.  We came to JB's American Diner on the seafront!!  We've been here before, it's yum!

Now, what shall we have.....??

We consulted with some of the others about food choices.  This is a serious matter, you know.

Right.  I think we've decided!!!

First we got a fizzy drink.....

Somebody else got a paper brolly in their drink and they let me borrow it!!!

That's bigger than me, that is!!!!!!!!  How am I supposed to eat all that???!?!!

I also inherited a paper flag too!!  I'm doing well today!!!
After lunch, we all said goodbye and headed off.

On the way to the bus stop, I found some dinosaurs!!!!

And a piggie!  I like that little piggie!!!
What a fun day!

Friday, 16 November 2018

Christmas shopping in London!!!

Today Andrea had a day off work and she took us out!!!

First we went up to the bus stop.....

.....and got a bus......

...up to the train station!!!  Where are we going?!?!

Well, our train was ready and waiting for us, so we got straight on!!

And we gave them a CD!

And we're off!!!

It's a bit grey today, but we don't mind.  

We're crossing the Thames!!!  We're in London!!

First we used the facilities.....

And then went to get a bus!!  There was a number 38 waiting just for us!

We gave them a CD as well!!!  

And we got off here at the Royal Academy!!  We're going to see an expedition!!!

They've got a scary building in the courtyard this time!

But it's a fake!!!

As we had over an hour before we could go in, we decided to have an early lunch.  Andrea got us a chicken and bacon salad wiv parmesan and toastie bits in!

We were that hungry, we ate the whole lot!!!

Then we had a slice of treekle tart - that was NOMMY!!!

We left a bookcrossing book in the cafe too!

And used the facilities again.....

And then took the scary glass lift up to the expedition!!  It was REALLY good!  It had lots and lots of pencil sketches that were mostly done on brown package paper!

There were some pretty watercolour flower paintings too!!

I really like these pictures....

It was a really good expedition and we had a good rummage in the gift shop afterwards (we'll show you later).  Andrea said she didn't think Schiele was any good but now she's seen lots of his sketches, she's changed her mind!!!  (but he's still a bit odd though!)

After that, we went Christmas shopping at Fortnums!!!


OOOOOOOooooo!!!  They got their decorations up!!!

And so does Burlington Arcade over the road!!!

We did some window shopping and saw lots of sponges!!

And then we went into the Maille mustard shop.  We're not telling if we got anything from here because that would spoil the surprise!!!

We went for a walk after that, and met this fella

He's Beau Brummell.  Very fashionable chap apparently, a lot like me

They got decorations here too!

Fairy ones!!

Oh coo!

Oh wow!  That's a horsey sculpture!!

Then we found a little park to have a sit down in and left another book on a bench!

It's pretty here.

They got a CD as well!

Round the corner from the park, we found another gallery called Philip Mould and Co.  He's famous, he's on the telly sometimes on a programme called Fake or Fortune, discovering if unknown paintings are by famous people or not.  He's got a doggie too, but they didn't seem to be in today.  That's a shame, we like doggies.

So, we decided to have a bit more of a walk along here!

And found a christmas tree!!!

Then we found a couple of lost Spanish kiddies who were looking for Museo Nationale.  We thought they meant the National Gallery so we walked along to there to show them where it was

Then we decided to get another bus back to the station!

Ooo more decorations!  Pretty!

Aha!  From here we can get the number 11 bus!

we gave them a floppy disc!

This is Whitehall!

And here is Parliament Square!

We got off the bus here....

And walked round the corner to Victoria Station!  It's time to go home!

And we got here just in time to get a train home, too!

We gave them a CD as well!

It's very fuggy now.....

VERY fuggy!!

And we're back!!

There was a bus waiting to take us home too!!!

And then just a short walk back home!!!

We left another CD here as well!!!

So.  We got lots of postcards from the Royal Academy - and also some greetings cards but we can't show you those because they're going to be birthday cards for someone!!

We got some fancy chocolates for Andrea's Mums christmas prezzie.  We also got some other stuff but that's a surprise for someone else so we can't show you that!!
We had a fun day today!!!