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Saturday, 29 September 2018

We found more Snails!!!

We went on a Snail hunt again today!!  We started at Churchill Square and found the disco snail!


That's better!!!  Honestly, you can't get staff with decent camera skills these days...... 

Back to the snails, we got a ride on this one!!!

Then we walked down to the Lanes and found another snail with a globe on his back!!

That's his bum!!!  Hahahaa!

Couldn't really see round the other side that well, it was too close to Donatellos.

Funky sunglasses, though!!

Then we went through the Lanes towards the Old Steine and found a shiny gold one!!!

But can you see our reflection in it??!!

Or in that one??!?!

I like this fella!!

Then we arrived in the Old Steine and this is the first one we saw!

He's a Paisley Snail!

Pretty, huh?!

Then on the seafront side of the fountain we found this fella

He's got lions sleeping on his bum!!!

And a giraffe doing backflips!!!

Oh what fun!!!

We saw this one at the opposite end nearer the Royal Pavillion!

He's got a funny bum!

And beach huts on the other side!!  Brilliant!  And that i360 thingy!

I like this one!!

Then we spotted ANOTHER snail on the fourth side of the Old Steine!!!

Oh wow!!!

He's very stripy, just like me!!

We had a ride on his head as well!!!

Then we went over to the Royal Pavillion and found this one outside the gift shop!!

I like him too!!

Isn't he fun?!?!

He's the Inca Snail!

We then walked past the Pavillion.....

Gosh we haven't been in there for ages.....

And then at the other side, we found an icecream Snail!!!

He's got sprinkles on his bum!!!

On this side of the stick, it says "Why did the Snail cross the road?"  But you have to make up your own punch line!  What's your punchline??

I like this snail as well!!!

Then we walked up the road a bit because we wanted to go to the North Laines and we found ANOTHER snail!!!

Oh what fun!!!

I like him too!!!

We got another ride!!!

This one had some writing on his head!

Then we saw another little snail in a shop window!

After we'd done our shopping, we went to the bus stop and found this dragon on the way!
He's brill!!