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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

We won a prize!!

 Today we collected a package from the Mail Sorting Office up the road.

 It's for me!!!

 It's for the Grand Prize Winners ME!!!!

 It had a map of part of Europe showing the route our friend Asta (she's a fuzzy doggie!!) had taken from Budapest in Hungary to Verona in Italy!  We had to guess where they were going and what countries they'd have to go through to get there!  

 Asta wrote on a card for us!!

 It's a pretty card too!!!

 They sent us some tickets they'd bought in Verona from places they'd visited!!!

 and I think this is the prize...... what is it???


 OOHHHH!!!  It's an accordion book!!!  It's made by Fabriano who's a famous art paper maker!!!

I love it!!!!!!!


  1. Wooo hooo Beanie, I'm so happy you got it..i just know yoo'll do sumefin vewy clevew wif all those littol things. We thought of you lots in Italy and awe vewy shoowe you woold be inspiwed being thewe , smoochie kisses,Asta

  2. Ooo! WOW! Prizes are great and mail is lovely, but to get both from Asta! WOW!

  3. Oh yes - you are a most clever mouse!