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Thursday, 9 April 2015

A foggy day....

 When Andrea got home from work today, she told me we were going out!!  I grabbed my 2p collection and ran out the door after her..... we went to the arcade games over the road!!!  Yippee!!!  
First we tried to win this toy but it wouldn't fall out.  

 Then we tried this one and I won a Minion keyring!!  YIPPEEEEE!!
That was fun!

 Then we went down to the seafront because it was foggy.  Andrea said somebody told her it was actually Palooshun coming over from France because they fart a lot there.  I think that's why she likes it there.

 We couldn't see the sea!!!

 Where is it??!?!?!

 Those chaps were Out Fishing.  Fishing for what???!  I can't see any fish!!

 It's certainly a pea-souper down here!!

 There's the arcade place we were just playing at!!!

 They had a big slide thing with a treasure chest on it just like Bob's!!!

 Oh, and there's the pirate!!

Even looking down the road to Brighton you could see the fuggy stuff.  Coo.....


  1. That is sure a foggy day. We love the new main photo with all the pals in the London bus!

  2. What a great adventure, now if you could only celebrate your awesome adventure with a small piece of cheese :)

  3. Nice fog! You think Andrea likes Frances cause they fart a lot?? Hmmmm... I've heard that humans fart a lot when they eat cheese...