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Saturday, 28 February 2015

New Friends.

 A few weeks ago, Andrea found this lost sheep on her way home.  Somebody had dropped him on the floor face down and he was quite traumatized.  He's been settling in very well though, sitting on the bed with all the Bed Bear Gang.  He says his name is Stinky Baa and he's stuff with Lavendar and he's smelly.

Then yesterday, Andrea was given a present from her Mum who'd been to India recently.  His name is Lemmie!  He says he can see in the dark and he gets grumpy sometimes.  That's OK, Andrea's like that most mornings.....


  1. Little Bo Beep lost her sheep? I am glad you adopted him!

  2. A new pal is always good. Maybe, however, Stinky Baa needs a bath, then he wouldn't be stinky...? hehe

  3. But he's stuffed with Lavendar though. He'd always be stinky. Besides, the Bed Bear Gang have outlawed Barthing. It's unhealthy.

  4. Oh, so good that he can stay with you!

  5. Ok... is it Stinky or Aromatic? It's all in the terminology you know. Maybe you could post a lost & found poster somewhere and see if Baa's flock is looking for him. Or is he happier with you?

    1. Well, as you know, Bears don't do Barthing so it's quite acceptable to be Stinky!!!!! We think he's quite happy here now - he's settled right in!!