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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Movie Review - "Psycho"

Movie review number 14!!
(I put a cover over the bottom half of the DVD box as it's a 2 movie set and I haven't reviewed the other movie on it yet!!)
This movie stars Janet Leigh as a secretary in a "Real Estate Agent's" office (called Estate Agents in england)..... the movie starts with her surreptitious liason during a Friday lunch break, in a hotel room with her recently divorced boyfriend.  Janet moans that they don't live together and wants to get married.  He says that he's spending all his money on divorce payments, and can't give Janet a good life.  She goes back to work just before her boss walks in with a Very Rich Texan who's just paid lots of cash for a house.  The Boss tells Janet to take the money to the bank straight away because he doesn't want it in the office over the weekend.  Janet then says she'll go straight home because she has a migraine coming on.  She takes the money home.... and then packs a suitcase, and gets into her car and starts driving out of town!!!  With all the money!!!  And her boss sees her in the car!!!
She drives across country to where her boyfriend lives..... and sleeps in the car overnight, to be woken up by a Policeman!  She makes excuses, and drives off..... and at the first car dealership she comes to, she changes her car for a different one, paying the difference in cash!!!  And the same Police Officer sees her from across the road!  Janet drives on, and the second night, discovers completely by accident the Bates' Motel and decides to stay there for the night.  Uh-oh!!  Later, as Janet takes a shower before bed, somebody goes into her motel room and stabs her to death!!!!!  OH NO!!!!
A few days later, Janet's sister (who Janet shared an apartment with) returns home and gets worried that she's not there - and hasn't been seen at work!  They also discover that the money she should've put in the bank on Friday has gone missing, along with Janet!!  A private detective is hired to try and find Janet, and later, Janet's boyfriend is also informed that she's missing. The detective, sister and boyfriend then trace Janet to the Bates' Motel, and the detective goes to speak to Norman..... and his mother!!!  But he never comes back!!!  So the sister and boyfriend go to the Bates Motel and rent a room to do Some Snooping, and then go to the Police.  They're told that Norman's Mother died 10 years ago under Strange Circumstances..!!
OOooohhh....!  It's getting creepy!!!  You'll be hiding behind the sofa by the end of THIS movie!!!  (I won't tell you the ending though!!)

Oh yes indeedy!!

This is a 10 squeaks out of 10 scarey movie!!!!

Sliced ham, salami and pepperoni.  And a thick Icecream Milkshake!!!


  1. Oh, that's a very scary movie! Too scary for little bears, but we do like the idea of the recommended snack, the milkshake, yummy!

  2. Whoa! That is a super scary movie - although the only part that sounded familiar was the lady getting stabbed in the shower... Guess I haven't seen this movie either!