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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beanie's Bookcrossing Art Journal...

This just got posted out today on 22nd August - the project has officially begun!!

If you go to Bookcrossing website and enter the BCID number 671-12112021 on the home page, you can read the journal entries.  Sandy, Jerry & Ben - when you get it and want to make a bookcrossing entry, enter that ID and click on "Make journal entry".  When you mail out to the next person, click on "Make release notes" - we're all doing "Controlled entries" because we're sending it on to specific people.  Jerry & Ben - you're number 12 on the list and are returning to me.


  1. We're ready! Oh, which address did you use (SD or MN); we will shortly be in SD most of the time now, but MN is fine too.

  2. I actually put your email address down. You'll get an email from a lady called Jodi (who Andrea knew in college!!) who'll ask you what address to send it on to. You may be waiting a while yet so if you need more English Jelly, let me know!!