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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Random sky

Somebody did a fart trail through the clouds.....!!!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Updated sketchbook

 this is one of a series of books I've made with Khadi paper pulp as the sheets.  (the others are on my etsy shop).  This is what I've done so far....

 that little piece of plastic that the pen is sitting on ...... soap wrapper from a mini soap at the Lille hotel I stayed in last March, bound into the book!!!
The little sheet has Bellagio tissue paper gift wrap from a trip to Las Vegas in 2007

 The other side of the small sheet has rubber stamps....
 You can sew fabric into pulp paper as well, holds up really well.

 Paris playing card and washi tape..... one of my lino prints on green paper and some gold wrapping from a box of patisserie wonders from Meert in Lille, France.
The French "spread"!!

 And then some Klimt-ish gilt work for the Royal Academy ticket pages....

And some gold paper from Meert pattiserie in Lille, France!

 The Lowry exhibition ticket from the Tate in London.....

Followed by The Royal Announcement!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Oh wow!!!

A few years ago, we joined in a mail art project about artistamps.  The lady that organised it just did a blog post - all about ME!!!!

It's here -

Movie Review - "The Vikings"

Movie review number 15

This movie stars Janet Leigh as an English Princess, and Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas and Ernest Borgnine as Maurauding Vikings!!
Ernest is "Dad" and TC and KD are - unknowingly - half brothers.  It starts with a Viking raid on northern England, leaving the King dead and the Queen raped by the Viking Chief, Ernest.  The Kings nearest relative takes over the Kingdom, not knowing that the Queen is pregnant.  Nine months later, the baby is put on a ship bound for Italy with monks to keep him safe - the baby is given a stone from the handle of the King's Sword, on a piece of cord worn as a necklace.
Many years later, in the Viking fjords....... Ernest Borgnine, the Chief and Kirk Douglas, Chief's son, plan a raid on England.  One of the English lords has been banished to Norway after annoying the new King  and helps draw maps of England for the raid.   KD shows him round the Viking village and then shows off his "Killer Attack Bird" - which turns out to be a bit of a wimp.  They then see another "Killer Attack Bird" that really DOES attack and kill, and it belongs to Tony Curtis.  KD accuses TC of stealing the bird, so TC has the bird attack KD and it takes one of his eyes out!  TC is then sentenced to death.  During sentencing, TC's necklace is ripped off and the English Lord recognises the stone as coming from the English King's sword.... and realises who TC really is!!!  TC is then sentenced to death by drowning, except the wind starts up and the tide changes so he doesn't drown at all!!!
 Anyway, the Raid On England is planned to kidnap Princess Janet Leigh, who is about to be married off to the horrid new English King.  KD takes a boat over and does a successful kidnapping of Princess Janet and brings her back to the Viking village.... and then both he and TC fall in love with Princess Janet!  TC then plans a reverse kidnapping and takes Princess Janet back to England...... but Kirk D discovers the escape and there's a big chase across the sea!  King Ernest's boat crashes in the fog, but TC drags him out of the sea and takes him to England, where he's pushed into a pit of hungry wolves and eaten alive.  Tony C has his arm cut off by the king for giving King Ernest a sword so he can die like a true Viking.
Meanwhile back at the Viking village, everyone thinks King Ernest drowned.  Kirk D wants to do another raid on England but nobody will go with him.  All of a sudden, Tony Curtis arrives back at the Viking village and tells them what really happened, and then everyone joins the new raid on England to kill the english King that killed the Viking King.
Meanwhile back in England, Princess Janet is told who Tony C really is - half brother to Kirk D and heir to the English Throne!!!  When the maurauding Vikings arrive back at the castle, Kirk decides to go get the Princess and tells her he's madly in love with her.  Princess says I'm in love with Tony C and actually he's your brother.  Kirk and Tony have a sword fight at the end on top of the castle - but who will win the Princess???!

Yeah, this is a really good yarn!! (that means it's a really good story!!)

Beanie gives this 7 squeaks out of 10!

Boiled eggs and soldiers.
(those are toasted bread, with butter on top and then cut into "fingers"!!)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beanie's Bookcrossing Art Journal...

This just got posted out today on 22nd August - the project has officially begun!!

If you go to Bookcrossing website and enter the BCID number 671-12112021 on the home page, you can read the journal entries.  Sandy, Jerry & Ben - when you get it and want to make a bookcrossing entry, enter that ID and click on "Make journal entry".  When you mail out to the next person, click on "Make release notes" - we're all doing "Controlled entries" because we're sending it on to specific people.  Jerry & Ben - you're number 12 on the list and are returning to me.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Grafitti in town....

Opposite Brighton Station!

More pages on my sketchbook!!!

Most recent doodlings and rubber stampings.....!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Bookcrossing an art journal!

 Meet the Blank Art Journal, with the BCID 671-12112021 on bookcrossing

 Right now, it's blank.  This is going to be sent out through the mail art community for people to doodle in, paint, write and generally play with.
(there's a pocket on the inside front and back covers to stash stuff in, although I may put an old Library Card in the front one for people to check in & out when they receive/pass on)

 The larger sheets are pulp paper which, when painted on, the colour will seep through to the other side.  Fellow artists hopefully won't be bothered by that.  

 The smaller sheets are Khadi paper, sized, and suitable for watercolour washes and pen & ink doodling.

Pulp paper is kinda scrunchy in places.  You can stitch fabric and buttons on it too.
I have some interest in this bookcrossing art journal already but if you'd like to join in, then sign up here.
I'll make another blog when the book has been finished so you can all see the final product.
I hope to send out a little "thank you" to all that take part.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Zealand Drain Cover!!!

My friend Emily in Australia emailed me this photo of a drain cover in Wellington, New Zealand!!!  Isn't it brilliant!!!  I'm going to add this in to my collection...!!

Movie Review - "Psycho"

Movie review number 14!!
(I put a cover over the bottom half of the DVD box as it's a 2 movie set and I haven't reviewed the other movie on it yet!!)
This movie stars Janet Leigh as a secretary in a "Real Estate Agent's" office (called Estate Agents in england)..... the movie starts with her surreptitious liason during a Friday lunch break, in a hotel room with her recently divorced boyfriend.  Janet moans that they don't live together and wants to get married.  He says that he's spending all his money on divorce payments, and can't give Janet a good life.  She goes back to work just before her boss walks in with a Very Rich Texan who's just paid lots of cash for a house.  The Boss tells Janet to take the money to the bank straight away because he doesn't want it in the office over the weekend.  Janet then says she'll go straight home because she has a migraine coming on.  She takes the money home.... and then packs a suitcase, and gets into her car and starts driving out of town!!!  With all the money!!!  And her boss sees her in the car!!!
She drives across country to where her boyfriend lives..... and sleeps in the car overnight, to be woken up by a Policeman!  She makes excuses, and drives off..... and at the first car dealership she comes to, she changes her car for a different one, paying the difference in cash!!!  And the same Police Officer sees her from across the road!  Janet drives on, and the second night, discovers completely by accident the Bates' Motel and decides to stay there for the night.  Uh-oh!!  Later, as Janet takes a shower before bed, somebody goes into her motel room and stabs her to death!!!!!  OH NO!!!!
A few days later, Janet's sister (who Janet shared an apartment with) returns home and gets worried that she's not there - and hasn't been seen at work!  They also discover that the money she should've put in the bank on Friday has gone missing, along with Janet!!  A private detective is hired to try and find Janet, and later, Janet's boyfriend is also informed that she's missing. The detective, sister and boyfriend then trace Janet to the Bates' Motel, and the detective goes to speak to Norman..... and his mother!!!  But he never comes back!!!  So the sister and boyfriend go to the Bates Motel and rent a room to do Some Snooping, and then go to the Police.  They're told that Norman's Mother died 10 years ago under Strange Circumstances..!!
OOooohhh....!  It's getting creepy!!!  You'll be hiding behind the sofa by the end of THIS movie!!!  (I won't tell you the ending though!!)

Oh yes indeedy!!

This is a 10 squeaks out of 10 scarey movie!!!!

Sliced ham, salami and pepperoni.  And a thick Icecream Milkshake!!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Garden bush

 This is a very interesting looking bush in the garden.  Not sure what it is though.

Interesting looking flowery things on it too!!!