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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Another book painting!!

Here's the painting of me crossing the bridge over the River Seine!!  It was a grey overcast day in Paris that day.....!


  1. Hey Beanie! Great job on the painting once again!

    I saw a whole truckload of manwhole covers in Wisconsin last weekend. Made me think of you. Unfortunately no pictures, maybe next time I go, there is a foundry there where they make them.

  2. Oh, I hope you're able to take a photo!! I love looking at new manhole covers!

  3. So are you doing a book of paintings of your adventures Beanie?? It looks beary interesting! And your self-portraits are amazing!

  4. Oh - this is a painting I did from the very first Vacation I ever went on, to Paris!! That was back in 2007 and we got stranded. It was very exciting! I really must get Andrea to finish some more paintings of that, we had an idea to try and make it into a book but it's taking a long time to make the pictures!