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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Seth's Buried Treasure post!

This post is a "combo" post for Seth's Buried Treasure call, made up of several postings on the same topic.  I decided to merge them all into one posting to make up a proper collection!  We start in Prague and then move onto my home town of Brighton...
This one was recently found in Prague, Czech Republic by my friend Sullivan McPig (he has his own blog too, listed on right).  He took a photo of it specially for this collection!
The following are ones that I've found

 We went for a walk along the seafront last week, and found some more drain covers!!
This one has holes in it!!!

 And this one has lumps!!!

 This one has holes and lines on it....

 And this one is self locking!!!  How does it unlock though???

 This one looks a bit like a wagon wheel and has bits of glass in!!

 Oh!  I think this one's my favourite!  It's got a daisy in the middle!!!

 We found another drain cover just with lines on it.

I decided to add my three new found drain covers to the big post of all of them!
This one I found in Rotherhithe, London, last May!

This one I found near Spitalfields Market in London

And this one I found near Victoria Station, London, not far from that fancy hotel that Princess Kate stayed in before her wedding!!
(Ed's note: I can't tell if this is the same as the other starburst ones we found in Brighton.....?)

As promised, I've now collected all my drain cover pictures into one post!!! This one is the latest, taken in Brighton, England!

And a round Brighton one with holes in!!

And a rusty Brighton drain cover!!

I found this one in Groningen, Holland back in February 2011 and has the Martini Tower on it!

These ones are from Groningen, too!

This one is from Hove in England, and has a starburst on it!

And this one has a lion!!!
Below is my original post all about drain covers in Brighton, England, first posted in September 2010!!!

A couple of weeks ago, me and Andrea went for a walk. I wanted to show her the drain covers I'd noticed - I think because she's higher up, she doesn't see them but they're ever so pretty!! This one has glass in some of it!

This one says "Gas Gas" on it - Andrea says thats You Tilly Tea.

This one's pretty too - I like the squares and diamonds on it!

This one's another You Tilly Tea for Water.

G G. I wonder if that's another gas one? The other gas one we saw was also a square cover...

This one has a sunflower engraved on it!!!

Oh - a rectangular one! Wonder what this is for?

This one's called "Pam Water". I gues she's in charge of that thing called You Tilly Tea.

Oh!! This one's made up of diamonds but has a flowery design on top!

And another one made up of circles!

Hodges and Butler..... wonder who they are?

Oh! More gas ones!! Yeah, I think all the gas ones must be squares. That's how they tell.

Another square gas one!

Ah, now we have to be careful now. This is Grade C Dangerous Electricity. From Sigane. Wonder where Sigane is?

On the way home, we found some more drain cover things. This one says M but Andrea said it might be W for Water.

A triangular one!! I wonder what that does?

It's a Thomas Dudley Meter! I wonder what You Tilly Tea that is? I've never heard of getting Dudley and Thomas Bills.

FP - wonder who that is?  

FH Brickhouse. Hmm..... Oh, it's Water.... it says so on the bottom!!

Fire Hydrant.... Andrea says that's for the Fire Engines if they need water to put fires out.

Oh, another little square one - must be gas!

We also saw one with a starburst in!

And another FH Water one! I never knew there were so many shapes and designs!


  1. Wow, you've got a huge collection! Some of them are really interesting :)

  2. Ours around here are pretty boring. I think I like the one with a building on it best.

  3. I love your collection Beanie! It makes me look around even better now I know that there are so many nice ones!

  4. These are SO cool! Thank you for showing us. We don't have anything like that around here, our "drains" are in the curb(s).

  5. Well, I'm not sure they're proper sewer drainage drains - I just call them drain covers as a "one size fits all" name - but I think they may be utility access points for the water/electricity servicing people. Still pretty though!

  6. What a great collection!
    I did the same thing while in Ireland but nothing as diverse as you've found... very cool

  7. WOW I carnt beleev how menny difrent types yu fownd!! But yu still don't hav the Bear-shaypet wun I fownd up heer. I reelly must get Mummy to fotograrff me neer it, then I can show yu it on my blog...


  8. Seeing these drain covers makes me want to start a collection ..... but if I had to choose I'd be very happy with the wagon wheel with bits of glass on my studio wall.

  9. Amazing... who'd have thought? Great post.

  10. I'm amazed at the beauty and variety of these things; how interesting that they made these You Tilly Tea objects into works of art!

  11. I found you through Seth. These are wonderful.
    I never thought about the beauty of them.
    Thank you .

  12. Very nice collection. I really enjoyed watching your pictures. You're in luck, because in France all the plates are standardized and they are not as varied!

  13. love the pictures, my "old" town in the US has a few designs but none as good as these European ones, makes me a bit homesick!

  14. Who knew!!!! Thank you for showing me an overlooked source of art! These are beautiful works of art. In the design; in the making and in the use. I especially liked the one with glass in. How gorgeous. Love this post. *smiles* Norma

  15. Thanks!!! Glad you're all enjoying...!

  16. The following was emailed to me by Cherie...

    OMG you've taken my breath away. I started photographing these recently in
    York and have continued here in Sydney.
    You're way in front so I'll keep snapping and one day we'll compare.
    Love your post, Thank YOU!
    Blissfully Yours,
    Cherie xo.

    Waste not do want.

  17. I've only found one cover and it has my town on it. I didn't realize there were so many different types. In the States, we don't have gas lines, or at least I am not sure if that means natural gas or what you call petrol. Our natural gas is on a meter by each house. It's great to have a collection of something and I really like that yours is one you can share with us. It is fun and I can see how exciting it would be to find a new one along the way. This is a great buried treasure and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  18. What we in the UK call "Gas" is the natural windy type..... what the US call gas in English is petrol. I'm not sure we have petrol pipes here (being an island, we'd have to ship it, I'd imagine) but don't quote me!! the gas covers shown here I imagine is the farting gas type.

  19. wow! that's quite the collection. I've never thought of photographing drain covers! It's amazing to see the diversity you've found in such a utilitarian object.