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Sunday, 10 July 2011

I got a mention!!!

I just discovered that another blogger has mentioned me on her blog!!!  She likes what I do!!!!!

I'm so happy!  She writes a lot about food on her blog and I like food so I think I may visit her more often!!


  1. It's very nice to be mentioned by other blogs. I'm very happy to have found so many fluffy friends all around the world. By the way, you MUST try the paella recipe, hahaha!
    Kisses :)

  2. OH!! WEll in that case.... it's been a long time since I did any cooking....!!

  3. I love cooking, it is very funny and relaxing (but sometimes dirty, hahaha!). I have a couple of recipes ready to publish in the blog, stay tuned!
    By the way, if you want to try an original and mediterranean recipe, try this one, it is very easy and delicious:

  4. Oh, I'm really messy in the kitchen too!!!! That's half the fun!! I tried taboulleh a couple of times....

  5. My cooking post is here