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Sunday, 9 January 2011

A New Year Day walk....

On New Year's Day, I took Andrea for a walk along the seafront. We found a funny hat!!!
I tried to get Andrea to wear it but she wouldn't....

When we crossed the road we met Dilly's Mad Aunt Milly. She runs a tattoo parlour!!

The tide's coming in!! Or maybe it's going out....

 I love the beach huts! They're so colourful!

There's the West Pier over there. It's a shame it burnt down....

On the way, I found a champagne cork and some sparkly star confetti!!!

 There's the Peace Statue.

Coo.... I think that needs some new plaster on the outside!

We saw some funny boats on a garbage bin!!!! I don't think the bin is big enough to put a submarine in though!!!!

On the way home, we met a fuzzy cat!! She was friendly and gave me a big hug!
I love hugging fuzzy cats!!

Then we saw a bicycle that had been decorated with flowers!! Even the car behind it had flowers on!!

When I got home, I showed Ickle Bear the stars and corks that I found!!
And a bus ticket too!
I like walks along the seafront.... we should do that more often.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Now I want to go to the beach too!

  2. I like that hat a lot! Did Andrea take it home for you? We are amazed by seeing the cat! It could be a sister of Poes because there are not a lot of cats that have all kinds of colors and stripes at the same time!!! If you see her again will you tell her that Poes says Hello?

  3. I've seen that cat a few times, so I'll say hello from Poes next time!!