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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Me and Tango Made some Bear Stamps!

Last week, me and Tango decided to make a present for Bob T Bear and Dilly Wagon to Cheer them Up. First, we got out the rubber stamps they sent Andrea for Christmas

We chose that one to use!!

Tango inked it up on the ink pad.... he's good at that, you know!!

 Then we put it on the paper and I jumped up and down on it!!!!!!!!!!!
That's much more fun than inking it!!

It make a stamp shape!!

We made a whole load of them all over the sheet of paper!!!

Then we got out some marker pens so we could draw the stamp designs!

Tango went first because he's good at drawing Bears!
We made them worth Eight, because that's how old Bob is.

Then I drew lots of Dilly's. They're worth Two because that's how far she counts up to.

We did a little flower in the middle for their Mummy, who's not feeling very well.
Hope that cheers her up too. We perforated holes round all of the stamps so that Bob and Dilly can use them when then write to people.

Ever since Andrea posted the package off to them, we've not been able to find the black camera carry case. Andrea says she thinks she might've put it in the envelope to Bob and Dilly by mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she has, they'll probably send it back. Just hope Bob doesn't poo in it first...... bears do things like that, you know...


  1. I'm sure that those beautiful stamps are going to cheer Bob and Dilly up! They are very nice stamps! And their Mum will like the flower stamp, I'm sure about that! Nice job Beanie and Tango

  2. Beautiful! I'm sure they'll love those

  3. We got the pakidge today an it waz fantastik!!!! The stamps ar fantamundo!! Mummy carnt stop admiring them! Yu mayde her smile so much!

    The camra cayse wassent in the pakidge, tho yor rite we wud hav sent it bak an yes i wud hav dun a poo in it ferst if yu like. HAHAHA!!!!

    We did a card for yu rite away so weel send it to yu tomorro! Weev put sum of our stamps on it!!

    THANK KEW!!!!!!!


  4. Oh what fun!! It worked!! It cheerd up your Mummy!!! I'm so happy!!!