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Friday, 2 April 2010

Thursday 1st April

Yesterday, the 1st April, Andrea said I had to come to work with her.

After we got off the bus, we walked past this shop!!!

And Here's my Own Seat at Andrea's desk!!!

And I saw my friend Goosey!! She laid a chocolate Egg for me!!!

After that, we played with some elastic bands! That was funny!

I love Chocolate Eggs!

before we went home, Andrea let me jump up and down on her Keyboard!
She said it's called "Typing".

On the way home, we stopped at Internet Cafe and put up an On Line Workshop on the blog.


  1. Is the first of april a making jokes day in England? We made a big joke at school for the first april!

  2. I wish I could go to work with my Mom. Caleb, my bear, often travels in her purse to work. He tells me about all the cool books there!