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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Running, running, running!!

Last Sunday, when we came out of our house, we saw the the road had been taped off and there were lots of balloons hanging out. What's happening??!

Then we saw some people running along the road. Why??!

There's another one!! Andrea said it might be a thing called Brighton Marathon, and it's the first time we've ever had one here!
And it's going right outside our house!!

We walked up the road and saw lots of people standing by the road cheering and clapping!

There were more people running up here too!!

They were running in both directions - how confusing! I hope they don't get lost!

We walked a bit further and saw that some people had Big Signs with them!!

And we also saw a Music Band playing in a bus shelter!!
how funny!!!

We saw more Big Signs in this road too - and loads more people cheering and clapping!!

Those people had sparkly pompoms with them!!!

we walked a bit further on and found a Pig painted on a window!
Andrea goes past this shop every day on her way to work and says it's a Sandwich Shop called Grand Cochon, which is French for "The Big Pig"!!
I think Sullivan would like it here!!

They make sandwiches "on the spot" for you to take away with you!
Andrea says they're Very Good Sandwiches, too!

They even have a pig living in the shop!
His name is Seamus O'Pigster, apparently.

A bit further along, we saw a giant Ladybug in another shop window!!!!

Then we went home again - there were lots more people running outside our house when we got back.

I did the very first ever Brighton Marathon!!!


  1. What a big ladybug! What was it for? Something to sit at? Or was it for a dog or a cat to lye on? I'm so happy I don't have to run today, I'm kind off doing sport to though, I'm jumping up and down on G.'s stamp all afternoon to help her make her cards! Very busy! Bye!

  2. Seamus O'Pigster looks like a nice fellow!
    And we the running thing here too once. i think it's weird.

  3. Luvly giant ladybird!!!

    Dilly see lots peepol runnin in London but ownly on telly!


  4. I think the giant ladybug was a bag to carry on your back. And I think Marathons are a bit weird too...!

  5. Mom says that there was a marathon surrounding her school once and there were arrows painted on the ground everywhere.