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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Beanie's Found Art Work Shop, Part 2: Envelopes.

Now, to make an Origami Envelope, you'll need some kind of flier, like an take away menu from a restaurant. I'm using a Floor Plan from Lille Art museum!

First of all, unfold it to it's biggest flat size.

Then, the two short ends, fold them together and make a sharp crease down the middle.

Unfold. On one short end, fold one corner in to the sharp crease you just made in the middle.

The other corner, fold it in to meet the big triangle you just made.
Leave it like that!!

Turn it round, and do the same thing on the other short end. Fold in one corner to the middle crease - but it has to be the diagonal opposite to the other corner to the middle...

And the same with the other corner, fold it in to the big triangle.

Now, that long straight edge down the side..... fold it in so that it meets the inside long edge of the big triangle.

There's a little flat in the middle of the page. You need to "turn it over" so that it makes a central flap in the middle of the page, where the arrows are.

It should look like that when you're done.

Turn the envelope round and do the same on the other side.....
Turn the long edge into the middle...

And that corner, fold it up like the arrows.

Now, you'll have two long pointy bits which you need to fold in towards the other side.

And then the same with the other pointy end...
The two pointy bits should fit together nicely in the middle.

Then, the pointy bit slides into the little flap that you made when you folded the sides in...

And the other pointy bit slides into that flap....

Et Viola!!! Or Bingo as we say in English!!!

And that's the front, ready for fake postage stamps, and somebody's address!!

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