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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie and the Bar Be Queue

Last Sunday, 16th August, Andrea said we were Going Out. First of all, we tied one of my CDs to a bush!!

Then we waited on the main road. Are we going to the Circus then?

OH!! Andrea's friend came to get us in Van called Little Bean Can!!! I'm riding Dash in My Own Van!!! Andrea and her friend said we were going to a place called Arundel. Wonder where that is...

We drove for a long way into the countryside.

Gosh it's pretty here!!

We arrived in a very pretty little village where they ride Shire Horses with furry feet!!

We parked Little Bean Can and made sure all the doors were locked.

And then we went exploring. This is Village Store with a window that bends out!!

And we met a Monster!!! I like Monster!

We found a bookstore that had a bird sitting on a table!

And I sat and read a book with a little girl. She's nice!

Then we did some more exploring and found that we were in Alfriston!!
I thought we were going to Arundel? Oh, we went in the other direction instead!! OK!

We saw The Old Clergy House. Andrea says that those are Tudor Beams on the building and it has Thatched Roof which means it's made out of hay.

And we saw a very pretty Church too.

We had to climb over a thing called a Style, but when I got to the top, the wind blew me off and I fell on my nose!!!! WWwhhhaaaaa..... that hurt!!!

I want my Security Blanket!!! Andrea said she didn't have it which made me even more upset!
Andrea said I could ride in her comfy pocket for a while, and that I was going to get a Very Nice Surprise later on. It better be good....

We then found a bridge that we had to walk over.

And then we went through this gate.

Then I helped get a table out and plates too.
What's going on now, then?

It's on fire!!! FIRE??!! Oh no, we're going to burn down the field!!
Oh - Andrea said this was a Bar Bee Queue and we were going to have food.
Food? I like food!!

Andrea's friend brought all this food for us to eat!
Oh, I'm happy now!! That's cheered me up and my nose doesn't hurt now!!

Andrea showed me how to play the game "Hide and Seek" in the long grass while the Bar Bee Queue was getting ready!

Then Andrea's friend cooked Sausages that had apple in them!

We started off with something called Tabouleh which is absolutely my favourite-est food in the whole universe!

And we had crunchy sausage covered in breadcrumbs too!! They were yummy!!

After all that food, we had to clear everything up.

On the way back to Little Bean Can, we passed by these round Hay Bales. I've never seen those before.

Then we got back into Little Bean Can and went for another drive. Where are we going to now?

Oh!! That's the English Channel in the distance!!

Is that White Cliff of Dover there?? Oh, Andrea said that one's called Beachy Head. It's related to White Cliff of Dover, but it's not in Dover.

There was lots of other people out for a drive today! It's busy!

Gosh it's pretty here....

Andrea said there was and Airplane Show in Eastbourne which is nearby. We saw some Airplanes but they flew too quickly for her to take a picture.

I like it here.

Then we came to a place called Cuckmere Haven which is a long wiggly river.

Then we parked Little Bean Can, and went for a walk!

Andrea's friend said those holes are made by rabbits, but we didn't meet any. Maybe it's a bit too hot for them today.

There's that long wiggly river again! Oh, I like it here!!

Apparently, this river goes all the way to the English Channel. Are we going to follow it there?

Gosh!! We're nearly there!!

There's that big White Cliff again!

Here we are at the Beach!!! It's windy here...!

It's so windy here, that my ears started flapping and I nearly took off!!!
Andrea held onto me very tightly though!!

Then it was time to go home in Little Bean Can.

There's another White Cliff down there!! There's lots of those along here...

When we got home, Andrea's friend gave us lots of food to eat, including the rest of the Tabouleh!! I love Tabouleh!! Oh what a brilliant day out!! I really enjoyed it even though I got blown over and hurt my nose!

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