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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie and the Art Museum,

Last weekend, I took Andrea out for another walk, because the sun was out - that doesn't happen much in England!! We stopped at these pretty pink and purple flowers.

Further up the road, we noticed these - Andrea says they're called "Balloon". I like the colours!

We stopped to smell these pretty flowers too! Andrea says she think they're called "Dog Rose" but they don't smell anything like dogs....

We also found these pretty orange berries too!

Then we saw this sign on the wall! Oh, let's go here! It might be open today!

I even found a feather on the way!
I like finding things...

Here's the Museum - and the door's open! Excellent"

We had another look at the big black gate in the garden. Andrea says it's called the Jaiphur Gate and it's from India. Andrea says that it was part of a big exhibition in London in 1886 and afterwards, it was put here.

It's been very decoratively carved too and all made out of wood. It must've taken ages to make.

Even part of the ceiling has been carved!

We spotted one of my Pieces of Cheese that I lost here last time! The labels had come off the back, so Andrea untied it so we could take it home and put new labels on the back. Then we can lose it again!

When we went inside the Museum, Andrea took me to a room called "Lift". Andrea says that in America, it's called "Elly Vator" and it moves up and down. I love this room! It's got pictures all over the walls!!

It's a bit like a Map, with roads and arrows!!

Oh, this is faboo!! I love this room!

It even has robots and aliens on the wall!!

Andrea then took me into Toy Room and I met Blue Bear!

I then spotted a little train track underneath the floor, that had a glass bit that we could look through!

But then Andrea scared me! I saw Ghost in the mirror!!

We then spotted this Wizard asleep in his hammock!! He even snores! Andrea says his name is Professor Dumbledore and when he's asleep, Mice come out to play with all the toys!! (there was even a sign on the wall saying that Mice play with the toys!) I'm a Mouse!! I get to play with all the toys! BRILLIANT!

We then went back to the train track, and Andrea pressed a button - and that made a train go all round the track!! We could see it go past underneath the glass bit!

Andrea tried taking a picture when the train went through, but it went too fast!!
This was fun! I want to come here again!

We then went to another room and met these Dangerous Dolls! I'm glad they were in a glass box though, since they're dangerous - they can't come out and get me.

We went back in Lift and checked out the map again.

It even had pictures of camels and horses!

We came outside after Andrea went into Gift Shop - and she'd bought me these toys to play with!

We then had another look at the Jaiphur Gate.

When we got home, I let my friends play with my toys! Comealong Stanley (the dog) joined in, too!
That's Boo Bear playing the Kazoo, Pookums Tiger is blowing up the Balloon with that straw, and there's me playing with my pattern maker.
I had a fun day today!!

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