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Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Day in the Office, October 2008

Andrea took me to work last week. We sat on a bench by The Bus Stop to wait for Bus. Andrea said Bus is a bit like that little trolley case I packed when we went to Paris, only Bus is bigger with an engine.
Ah, we've arrived at work!! We didn't have to go in straight away though, so I rested on this little wall they put here!

When we got to Andrea's desk, I met Parrot. Erm, Andrea, I think Parrot pooped on your desk here....

Andrea let me sit on her shelf for a bit, and look at her pictures. Oh, these people are funny!
After that, Andrea showed me round the office.

Oh, someone here has furry feet, just like me!!!! I hope I meet this person!

Oh I don't like this person, they're really scarey!! I understand why Parrot pooped now.

Oh that's better!!! These guys have their own chairs!!! Can I have a chair??

Andrea says these guys work the Printer. Are they any good though?

Then I met Flying Wilber. Hmm. He's kinda fuzzy like me.......

Oh I like this desk! There's lots of pictures here! I like pictures!

Uh..... Andrea said this is the Boss and she's giving me a job interview. Nobody said anything about a job interview, I'm worried now. But she IS smiling so I guess she likes me because we both have fuzzy feet...

Andrea said I now have to a Typing Test. But I don't know how to type!!! Oh - Andrea says I just jump all over those little letter things and it'll come out fine. That's all she ever does and nobody's complained about spelling or anything. Well, that's OK, I can jump about - I can even tap dance, will that work?!

Oh, it's home time now. Well it was fun to visit!!


  1. I didn't know type writers still existed. Did you pass your test?

  2. Apparently yes! I'm quite good at Tap Dancing now!!