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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beanie's London Adventure, October 2008

Last Monday, Andrea decided to take me on another trip. Ah yes, Head Suitcase Packer! Yup, we've got everything we need for our trip, even a rubber duckie in case we get another Beanie Bathtub!

All set and ready to roll!! Where are we going this time??

Oh!! A train to London! I've been to London but we didn't see much of it. I wonder if we'll see more this time.

Ah, arriving at Victoria Station!! Excellent!! Where are we staying??

Holland Walk?? Oh, a Youth Hostel again!! Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea? That's the posh bit of London, Andrea says.

Well this is the Youth Hostel but it doesn't look very posh. Andrea then said to turn around.

Whoa!!! That's more like it!! Andrea says that's a Jacobean Mansion that's over 400 years old!! Wow! I can be Lord Beanie Sinclair-Mouse with a yellow Aston Martin!! You can be that other fella with the Ferrari. You know, that American guy.

We got a bottom bunk this time. That's better, we don't have to climb over anyone to get to bed!!

And a lovely view of the lawns from the bedside window.

Now, let's just check on the estate, Jeeves. Gotta make sure everything's running smoothly.

Coo, don't we have a lovely Mansion here!! I like being Lord Beanie!!

Yup, everything's in order here too.

Just check the lake here - Andrea says that's a Hippopotamus there. We have pet hippo's here?

Ah yes, the fishing lake with the stork.

Oh, I can leave one of my weathergrams here for somebody to find!!

Someone really should sweep up those leaves you know. Get on it, will you, Jeeves??!

Oh excellent! An art shop just down the road! We can do some Very Important Shopping!

Wow, look at all those ink pads!!! Shame we can't play with them all.....!

Andrea took me into town and we stopped in a place called Stanfords to buy a map for her Mum.
Coo, look at all these different places!! Wonder where they are??

Then we went to Covent Garden which was just down the road from the map shop. This is a Statue Busker!! He squeaks just like me!!

Oh! Covent Garden Market!! This must be where we're going!!

Oh look at those fabulous masks!!

And there's the market!! Wow, what a brilliant place to come shopping in!

We stopped for a BLT sandwich since we were both Really Hungry. Yummmmm!

Then Andrea took me to Tottenham Court Road subway stop. Now, just LOOK at those mosaics!! The entire station is covered in them!!

Andrea said that Tottenham Court Road subway stop has the longest escalator anywhere!! It's LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG!!

OH!! I remember this art shop!! We came here before! Now isn't that a wonderful Chinese calligraphy brush!! It's fluffier than I am!!

Wow, all those tubes of pain in such yummy colours!!

And those fabulous drawing crayons!!

After we did our Very Important Shopping, we went up the road and found these wonderful shoes with flowers in them!!

Ah yes! My favourite chair at the British Museum!! I love sitting here!!

OH!! Can we get some of these for my Beanie Boxes??? Please!!? It's Very Important Shopping, really it is!!

Then we went into the Museum to look at Egypt......

....and Assyria.....

....and Egypt again. Wow, that's a glorious scarab beetle!!

After that, we were both pooped, so we went back to The Manor for dinner. We had Penne pasta with a cheesey and bacon sauce and a slice of garlic bread. Not as good as the food we had in Paris, but I must remember this IS a youth hostel and not a posh restaurant!!

I'm whooped, time for bed. Wonder what we'll do tomorrow....

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  1. Beanie - you are so cute when you are tucked up in bed.