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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beanie's London Adventure, Day Four

On Thursday 23rd, we found that the Earl's Court hostel is self catering only and don't serve breakfast. Andrea said not to worry, there's a nice cafe down the road, so we went there for breakfast. Andrea made sure I got my chocolate bread again!!!

Then we packed up and went back to Victoria Station to get the train home. I wrote some more in my New Novel.

Oh, we're off now. Bye bye London.... I've had a wonderful week this week!
It's been magical!

When we got home, Andrea had another birthday surprise for me. She said that because we were so stuffed after my Birthday Tea, and couldn't finish the last slice of cake, she wrapped it up in a napkin and brought it home with her for me to eat today!! And she gave me a lovely bellydance headscarf for me to wiggle in later!!
We also found that one of the Japanese ladies we met in Paris had written us a postcard too! How did she know it was my birthday??!

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  1. Wow! I am soooo jeaulous! You've been to London and Paris! Loved reading your posts about both trips! Now I got to start bugging my owner about saving up for a trip.