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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie At the Art Exhibition, Day FOur

On Monday 1st June, we got up and had breakfast. Andrea said it was our last breakfast at the Manor House and we had to go home today. I got sad about that, it's been such a wonderful weekend.

We went back to our room and I made sure Andrea's new painting was safely packed away.

All set to go. I like weekends away.... specially when I meet people like Tony, Jill, Sally and Traveler. They're going home today too.... I hope they had just as good a holiday as I've had.

We got another Bus, the C1, that goes to Victoria Station. Andrea says these are more fun than Underground, because you get to see where you're going.
I agree with her!

There was a funny sign on Bus by our seat!! I hope nobody sits on my lap, I'd get squished!

We went past Horrid's again! I like going to Horrid's, they do good afternoon tea there!

And here we are at Victoria Station. Only took us half an hour...! I don't want to go home....

On the train, going back over the Thames River....

And here we are going through the Sussex countryside. This is near the South Downs...

And home again ...... Andrea's painting got here safely!! She's hung it up on the wall now, and we both love it!!!

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