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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Beanie's Big Adventure, September 2008

On Monday 8th September, Andrea said we were going on a Big Trip and put me in charge of packing. I made sure we had everything packet including a little book to read.

All Done!! I wonder where she's taking me??

St Pancras Youth Hostel? You mean we're in London? I've never even left my house before!

From the window of our room, we could look over the road to the British Library. They have a copy of every single book ever published in the United Kingdom in there.... wow!

This is the sculpture in the courtyard of the British Library. He looks like he's drawing something - I like this guy, we have something in common!! Wonder if he loses his art too?

Andrea then took me to a wonderful art shop in town called Cornellison's. It's wonderful in there and I had a brilliant time looking at all their wax crayons and pencils.

And what wonderful coloured pens they have there too....!! Can we come here again please?!

We then went up the road to the British Museum and stopped for a light lunch. That's some building there....

I had a bit of a sit down too.

And then we went back to the Hostel to crash out. We had the top bunk and I've never slept in a bunk bed before!! How exciting!


  1. Oh Beanie, I love your blog! Can't wait to read of more adventures!