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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beanie's Big Adventure, Day Four

Our last day in Paris!! I sat on the balcony this morning to try and remember the view! I had a faboo time in Paris!!

At breakfast, we had Chocolate Bread!!! I really like Chocolate Bread, Andrea let me eat all of it! She had the other one, the Croissant!

One last look at the little Hotel Courtyard.... I've really enjoyed it here!

Oh, I'm Head Suitcase Packer, aren't I? I'm good at packing!! Must take those Laduree bags with us, I can make envelopes out of those...

Ah, back to Gare du Nord by Metro. We must be taking that "Eurostar" thing back to London then....

We had time for lunch first, though. We had a "Croque Monsieur" which is like a toasted ham cheesey sandwich. The ham goes in the middle and the cheese goes on the top. This was fab, I like French cheese!!!

Well, we're on the train but it's slowing down!! We haven't gone through the tunnel yet, we can't be back in England yet.....

Andrea said we had an announcement that the tunnel was shut so we had to wait for an hour for it to open. Oh well, gives me a chance to work more on my New Novel!! It's turning out really well!!

WHAT?? Back at Gare du Nord in Paris???? Oh no, there was a fire in the Channel Tunnel and we can't get home!!!!! What are we going to do? Where are we going to stay?? What about dinner?? Oh, there's so many people here and they're all scared and angry!!!

Whoa!!! Look at this place!! Andrea was very careful not to lose me at the Gare Du Nord!! She got talking to some other English people who rang up the hotel they'd been staying at - apparently they had spare rooms and one of them's for us!! How lucky!!! This place is called Grand Hotel de Champaigne and it looks rather special....

You mean we get another huge double bed all to ourselves?? Really??

Oh!! And someone painted a muriel outside our window with seagulls flying on it! Hello seagulls!! Is it nice here???

Oh! Look at those fancy tassles!! I guess they went shopping at that Fournisseurs place we went to yesterday!!

Now just LOOK at this!! It's a special Beanie sized bathtub!!!! They gave us a room with a Beanie sized bathtub!!! How FAB is THAT??!?!?! Andrea says that in France, these are called "Bidet" Aren't they brilliant! I can reach the taps all on my own!!!

Well, those English people Andrea got talking to earlier suggested we all go out to dinner. There was also two Japanese ladies that came to the same hotel and they came out to dinner too. We went to a Real French Bistro!! Andrea says the name of the Bistro translates as "The End Of Chatelet" but didn't know what a "Chatelet" was. That's OK, neither do I.

Me and Andrea in The Bistro!! Our new English friend Corinne took this! She was really helpful!

For dinner, Andrea ordered us "Canard" with pasta and a creamy sauce. "Canard" is french for duck. They have very big ducks in France.

For pudding we had a "Creme Brulee" which Andrea says is a Traditional French Pudding. Corinne said I was old enough to have my own spoon and feed myself!!!!!
I like Corinne!!!

After dinner, waiting for the others. Today has been fun!!

But I'm still pooped!! Wonder what will happen tomorrow.....!

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