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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's Amsterdam Scrapbook, Day Three

On Tuesday, we had to Check Out of the StayOkay - it was Going Home Day!! I wasn't happy about that, but Andrea said we had all morning to look at Amsterdam!! First of all, we went out for Coffee in a very nice cafe that had a Statue outside.

They even gave us Biscuit with coffee!! Andrea let me eat it all myself!!!!!

Then we stopped at Nieuw Kirke cafe again for more Onion Soup! I like that place, the soup is yummy and they give us half a baguette to dunk in it! I like dunking!!

Andrea even bought me a shiney sticker to put in my Novel!!! I love it!

Then we went up to Centraal Station, and got another double decker train back to the Air O'Port. I started getting a bit miserable because I didn't want to go home, but then I remembered we had a ride on the farting seagull later!!!
(Ed's note: see Beanie's initial write up of the trip, and learning that Wind makes you Fly quicker!!!)

When we got to Air O'Port, Andrea did some more shopping and got some chocolates!!

We had to show our Boarding Pass again to get on the Air O'Plane and we got another window seat too!! I was able to look outside and watch us fly over the Channel!!
I've now gone underneath the Channel, sailed over the Channel and flown over the Channel!

When we got back to Gat Wick, we got Coach back home.
Oh, it was such a fun trip!!!

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