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Monday, 16 November 2009

Beanie Has a Passport!!

Andrea made me my very own passport!! She says I'm from a place called the United Squeaks of Rodentia, which must make me Rodentish. And the picture on the front is called A Coat Of Paws, and it has a Piece of Cheese, a Mouse, and Crossed Fondue Forks!! And it even has a Latin Maxim in the banner which says "Fondue Enim Omnis". Andrea says that means "Fondue For All"!!!
I've never had Fondue but Andrea says it's made out of Cheese and I know I like Cheese!!

Andrea finished making my passport!! It had my picture in it and my autograph!! I still don't know where I was born though....

And here's the stamp from when I went to Paris....

And here's the stamp from when I went to Amsterdam!!
And there's loads more pages to fill up, too!!


  1. Now I want a passport too! Looking good.
    And I might not post a comment at every post you added the last couple of days, but I wanted to let oyu know I really enjoyed reading about all your travels!

  2. WEll i hope you know where you're from!! Republic of Oinks, perhaps?! Glad you enjoyed reading about all the travels too! I'm all set to post about my next one now!!

  3. According to my older brother Angus we are Scottish from origin, but we lived in Germany before coming to the Netherlands.

  4. It's so much easier to read the story now they are all together. I'm going to need my passport in february, G. doesn't want to tell me why but I think that means we are going to another country because I don't need a passport here...

  5. OH!! Are you going somewhere next February too?? Is G making it a surprise?! How exciting!!!