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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at The London Expo, Day Two

On Sunday 24th May, we got up and had breakfast. I spilled some muesli over myself but Andrea said not to worry, she wears her food as well sometimes!
After that, we asked at reception if the Underground was working yet - and they said that the DLR line (which is the only line that goes to the Expo place) was still shut!! But they were nice enough to get us a taxi cab which took us all the way there!

Oh! That says ExCel London! Is that where we're going??

Oh there it is! Andrea said there was a special exhibition on here that she's taking me to!

They had a lovely sculpture outside. Andrea says that we're in the London Docklands now, and this shows what they used to do here.

We got in line for the Expo. Apparently, it's a Manga and Anime exhibition, which is Japanese cartoons. We all got given a goodie bag with DVDs, toys and magazines in!! How fun! Everyone here was giving "High Fives" to each other as they walked down the line - Andrea even held me out so I could have a go!! It was fun doing "High Five" - they tickle!!

People had even dressed up as their favourite Manga and Anime character! I wish I knew we could dress up - I would've worn my belly dance outfit!
I wonder if there's a belly dancing Manga person?

When we got in, we found there was a Tony Curtis desk - hang on! He's not a Manga, he's a real person! We've met him before and he looks after Traveler!!
Is Traveler coming???! Oh how FAB! We were first in line to meet them, and the green sign there says we can have our photo taken with them for £10! Oh PLEASE let me have my picture taken!!!!

We saw some rather scarey people walk past then. Andrea says they work for The Dark Force in Star Wars. I don't like the sound of that....

Luckily, they walked straight past us, and didn't stop.

THAT'S TONY!!! His wife Jill and her mum Sally were there too, and we had a long chat with them! Andrea said she's brought some of her paintings with her so he could choose one for his birthday present!! He had a very long look at all of them, and seemed to like them! He chose one of a sunset over the hills on The Isle of Barra in Scotland. Andrea then said that she would like to have a photo of us all for £10 but Sally said oh no, you don't need to pay, just give me your camera and she'd take some!!!! Andrea gave £10 anyway, because all the photo money was going to Shiloh Horse Rescue and she wanted to make sure they got it.
But wasn't that nice of Sally to take the picture?!

Jill then said to pick a photo from a whole bunch of them on the table, and Tony wrote a special message on it for her!! And then Traveler came out!!!
Oh I'm SOOOOOO excited!!

Then, Traveler came over to talk to me!! I told him that Sally was being very nice to take all these pictures of us, and he's to start being nice to her as well, even though she drops him sometimes! He said he'd do that!!

And here we all are!!!!!

Oh, that was so much fun!!
We went out after that, as we didn't know how we were going to get back - and we met Wolf!
I wonder what he does?

We then followed the signs for the DLR Underground and got a ticket. We had to get a Replacement Bus as the trains still weren't working - first we went to Canning Town and had to get another Replacement Bus. Gosh, this is confusing.....!

The second bus took us to Stratford, where they had this wiggly watch! Here, the Underground trains were working, so we got on a train into town.

Oh, I recognise these mosaics! This is Tottenham Court Road!
I know where we are now!!!

We walked past Andrea's favourite art shop, Cornellison's, but it was shut because it was a Sunday. Too bad....

Then we went to the British Museum and I sat on my favourite Beanie seat outside!
I've had SOOO much fun today!

Then we went inside to have lunch - eggie sandwiches and a fizzy drink!

Then we went to Rome to have a look at the mosaics. They're pretty....

After that, we went off again - and saw a car that blew bubbles!
That was funny!

Then Andrea took me into Stanfords Map Shop to get a map.
Lille? Where's that?

They had a map on the floor in this shop! Oh, London! We're in London! And Paris, I've been there - we got stranded there too! And Amsterdam - I've been there too!

Then we had a go at getting back to the Youth Hostel - and the Jubilee Line Underground was working!! Brilliant!

We got off at Canada Water, which is the nearest stop to the Hostel. There's a sign for it!
We're nearly there!

Made it! We had a little rest in our room.
What a day!

Here's the photo of Tony that Andrea got signed!
He's a good looking fella, isn't he?
Almost as cute as I am!!!
Then we went out to enjoy the sunshine!

We did a spot of art-losing too! The benches look much nicer with pieces of art on them...!

We found a pretty little square with some more benches in, so we left one here as well.

With all that tree pollen stuff fallen down, it almost looks like it snowed!

Then we went back to that Steakhouse place for another beer!!

At 7 p.m., we went upstairs for dinner. We started off with Crayfish Tail Cocktail, with slices of toast! This was yummy!

Then we had a Thai seafood red curry with lots of rice!
I've never had a Thai curry before.....

And we finished off with an Extra Frothy Coffee!! The frothy went all over my nose!!

After dinner, we watched the sun go down. I like watching sunsets.

And then it was bedtime.

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