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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's Day Out, May 2009

Last Monday, Andrea had a Day Off Work so I took her out for a walk to leave some of my art out on the streets. I thought we'd start by decorating this bicycle!

Then we found a garage door that needed jazzing up. Black is such a boring colour!!

I rode in Andrea's bag and was able to look where we were going! This was fun!!

There's lots of bicycles that need decorating - a bit like Amsterdam! We decorated lots of bicycles there too!!

We saw some very pretty Iris flowers too.....

And we decorated a wrought iron gate as well!

Andrea showed me how to use a Telly Phone Kee Osk too!!
Hello?? Anyone there??

Oh well - let's decorate the phone too! That looks much better now!

Oh! A bike basket! Gotta leave one there!

And then we walked past a little park! We saw some dogs walking their owners here too!

I like jazzing up handlebars! It's so much fun!

Oh, that poster looks so much better with a piece of cheese on the front of it! Bet more people go to the event now, too!

That's another bike jazzed up!

Oh! There's tents on the seafront! What's going on over there?

I took Andrea over the road and we found it was a French Market!! I've been to France!

We saw some smelly soaps! They were nice!

And we met Polar Bear and Penguin too!

Andrea said that sign on the front says "Paradis du Fromage" which means "Paradise of Cheese".
NO KIDDING!! I love cheese!!

Then we saw Andrex Puppy riding a bike, so we gave him a Piece Of Cheese too!! You can just see the green ribbon underneath the box that the Cheese is tied on with....

Then we found a very pretty blue mosaic so I had a sit down to look at it. I like mosaic.

We found another Telly Phone Kee Osk to decorate!

Oh, another bicycle basket! Gotta put a piece of cheese in there!!

This one has a wicker basket!!

And this bike is called Aurora! Hello Aurora! Nice to meet you!

OH!! This bike has a tag and a weathergram of mine that I tied on ages ago!! The owner must like them, he left them tied on!!

And this bike still has a weathergram tied on too!! I found my own art!!!

I put a piece of cheese on the back of this one, because it didn't have anything tied on!

We stopped off at the internet cafe to check my blog and that's when we found that new Elizabeth had joined my found-art fan club!!

On the way home, we saw Cat sitting at the window. He was a bit shy though, because he didn't come to say hello. That's OK. I'm a bit shy too....

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