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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at The London Expo, Day Three

On Monday, we got up for an early breakfast at the Hostel. Andrea said we were going home today.... we've had a fabulous time, even though the Underground didn't work!

Well, all packed and ready to roll..... I wondered how we'd get home, but Andrea said she's spotted a bus stop right outside, and one of the buses - the C10 - goes all the way to Victoria Station! If only we'd known that on Saturday!!

Well, we're on the bus - and it only cost us £2!!

We went over the bridge just past the Houses of Parliament. Andrea says that's also called "Den of Thieves".

And here we are at the train station!! That only took us 35 minutes!

Back across the Thames again, this time by train! Andrea worked out that we crossed the river six times this weekend! By train when we arrived on Saturday, by foot getting to the Hostel, by cab to the Expo, by subway getting back to the hostel, by bus and then by train again today!

And here we are back home!
What an adventure!!

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