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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at The Art Exhibition Day Three

On Sunday 31st May, we got up for breakfast - muesli, toast and jam and coffee. So what's the plans for today, then?

Andrea said that we were meeting up with Mum later on at the British Museum, but we didn't have to be there for ages, so I took her sketching in Holland Park for a while. We were very productive!

Then we got Underground to Tottenham Court Road station! I never get tired of looking at the mosaics here!

We walked past Cornellisson's again, and they had a horse in the window!

At the British Museum, they had an Indian Garden laid out in the main courtyard, so I took Andrea for a look round. We found these caves to sit in!!

Then we went to smell the gorgeous flowers.

We saw these ones too. I don't know what their names are but I love the colours!

Then we sat in the sun by these lilies!

When Mum got here, we went into the Museum. We went to see a special exhibition of Garden Paintings from the Maharajah of Jodphur in northern India. There were 56 paintings, none of them ever seen in Europe before, painted between 1600 and 1900. We weren't allowed to take any pictures of them, but they were SOOO pretty! Some of them showed dancers, which Andrea said, being from northern India, would be classical Kathak dancers. Kathak is the Indian dance from the area - also seen in what's now Pakistan.

We then went down the road to a restaurant called Tas for lunch. We had a starter of a salad with fetta cheese in, which I ate so quickly, Andrea didn't have time to take a picture of it!! This is our main course, a Lamb Shish with couscous that had beetroot on the top.

After that, Mum went home, and Andrea took me to do some Very Important Shopping. On the way, we saw a busker playing the harp. It was a very sad song, Andrea said it was the song from Titanic, which is a very sad story.

We then looked at a map to see where we were. We're going to another Museum? Which one?

It's the Victoria and Albert Museum!

We had another long look at the chandalier in the main hall. It's wonderful!!

Andrea took a "Close Up" of it. Be careful with those buttons - we know what happened when you started pressing buttons on the camera last time...!

We then went straight into Gift Shop. I met a cousin!! I don't know what his name is but he kept saying "Roma, Roma" so I think he might be a Romany gypsy. They're good musicians and dancers, they are!

We then looked at the sparkly rings! They're fab! We didn't get any but Andrea said she'd got me A Surprise! I like those!

We then went back to the Manor House for a rest.

And I got my surprise!! A brand new V&A button for my backpack!

We went to the Common Room to work on my latest Novel and then went and sat on the balcony.

Friends, Rodents and Countrymice, lend me your Cheeses.....!

We then went to Byron's again for dinner, and met LemonHead!!!! I hope nobody guillotines him, like Henry VIII did with his wives.....

We had a burger with blue cheese on top and a side order of French Fries. They do awfully good French Fries here....

And finished off with an Americano coffe.

Whew.... I'm pooped again!!

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