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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another Trip to the Office, November 2008

Andrea said it was Very Important for me to go into work as there was Something waiting specially for me on her desk. So, we walked up to the bus stop again and waited on the bench for Bus.

Well, here we are again at the little forest outside Andrea's office. I quite like the forest really....

OH!! We got given bins?? Three of them??!

OH!! We get to put stuff in them?! Well, that one's already got sweets in, but Andrea said I get to have the other two to decorate and put other stuff in!!!!

WHOA!! Where did she come from?? That's the woman with the scarey blue face....!


See? I can be scarey as well, you know...!

The scarey woman asked that I check her tape machine because she couldn't hear the tape properly. I think Andrea was scared of the blue Monster face, because the picture's all blurred. I'm not surprised. The tape was scarey as well.

We had someone bring New Baby into the office. The scarey woman made it cry. But when Mum took Baby back, it stopped crying.

When we got home, I started decorating the Beanie bins with those little gemstones we have. These are going to be fun!

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