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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Isle of Wight, Day Three

On Sunday 2nd August, we got up and had breakfast...

Andrea said we were going home today so I made sure everything was packed away safely!

Then I got to ride Dash into town! Watch for those cars....!

Ah!! Busy Bee Garden Centre! We've been here before!

I made friends with Flower Pot Man!! He's not very talkative though....

Then it was off to the craft section!

Oh! Box of Special Offers! We like those!

Then we had Bacon Butty for lunch!

Then it was back in the car to go somewhere else!

Ah yes back at the beach. Andrea said if I inhaled deeply, I'd smell the frangrance of Eau de Poo. Hmm, rather not, actually...!

We met some dogs in another car - hope they left the window open for them!

And saw Giraffes staying in a hotel!

Oh! A guard cat!

Then it was back down the Pier to get the swimming cat.

There was one waiting for us, so we were able to get straight on without waiting!!

and when we got to Ports Mouth Harbour, there was a train waiting specially for us!! It was a fast train that went all the way to London, but stopped at Hove on the way!

Nearly there...!

And we're home!! What a fun weekend!

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