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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Lunch in Eastbourne!

Today, Andrea said we were going out. 

So it was up to the bus stop to get into town....

We gave them a CD!

We got off here and had to wait for another bus....

.....and since we had some time to spare, we had a nose round a fabric shop we'd never been in!!  They've got some lovely stuff in there but it's expensive - we saw some lovely batik fabrics but they cost £12.99 a metre!!

Then our bus came and we were off!!!  There's that lovely art nouveau building!

That's a place for blind military people...

it's a huge building!!

And there's Saltdean Lido!!!  That's really pretty too!!!

OoOo we're going through Newhaven now!!!  there's lots of boats over there!

This is Cuckmere Haven!  Well the Haven bit is the other side of the road, but this is the other less famous bit!!

We're in Eastbourne!!!  That's the train station over there!

We left a floppy disc on the hand rail...

.....just before we arrived at Eastbourne Pier!!!  It's quite fuggy over the Channel today....

And we were met by Diane and her brand new Bear!  He's so new we don't know his name yet!!!

Outside the Pier, we found another Bear having an icecream so we said hello!

Then we walked along the seafront to Harry Ramsden's because we were STARVING!!!

Now..... what shall we have??

First of all we got the refreshments!!!


For lunch we had plaice and chips for a tenner!!!

It was NOMMY!!!

After our nomtastic lunch, we had a wander the other way along the seafront back the way we came and we left a bookcrossing book here.

And then decided to go on the Pier!

We found some arcade games so we thought we'd have a go!  This one isn't the usual shuffle board game and was a bit weird....

Then we went to help Diane because she hadn't won anything yet.

We ended up winning TWO PRIZES EACH!
We haven't done that for ages, it was so much fun!

then we had another walk along the seafront and we left a CD on the rail!

By now it was nearly three o'clock so we decided it was probably best to get the bus.  When we got to the bus stop there was a HUGE ENORMOUS queue of people, some of whom had been waiting over an hour for the number 12X bus!!!  There's supposed to be one every 20 minutes!!!
Luckily one turned up 15 minutes later and we all got on!  I waved goodbye to Diane and Bear!

And we're off!

That's Cuckmere Haven, the famous bit!

It's still very misty over the Channel.....

Oooo you can see the cliffs there!

And here we are at Brighton!

We got off here and got another bus to get us home!

Here we go!  This bus was really busy too!

We got off near here and saw a Dinosaur on the wall!!

And then when we got to the Tesco car park, our friend Cat came to say hello!!!

We love Cat!!

We made a video of Cat - won't stay still though!!!

But she did in the end!!!

When we got home we got out the present Diane gave us!

Lots of blue wallpaper samples from Farrow and Ball!
They've lovely!!!

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Grafitti hunting

Today because the weather was nice, we decided to get the bus into town and go grafitti hunting!
There's lots of newly decorated cable boxes!

He's a bit creepy though.....

There's a few of these around town.....

I love this chameleon!!!

Now THAT'S clever!!!!

There's a lion up there!!

And there's an eagle!!

Wow, what fun!!!